Translation of blink in Spanish:


parpadeo, n.

Pronunciation /blɪŋk//blɪŋk/


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    parpadeo masculine
    pestañeo masculine
    there wasn't a blink of surprise when I told them ni pestañearon cuando se lo dije
    • A cat will say ‘hello’ with a slow blink, the polite cat will look away after it has blinked.
    • I take long blinks and rarely look at the camera's screen.
    • With a startled blink, Ana looked behind her to find none other then the orange pig-tailed little girl.
    • It is an eye open to the reader as it translates its complex turns, blinks, and refraction onto the page.
    • It is now well-known that in order to observe a blink, the first target must be masked.
    • The blue eyes closed, staying shut longer and tighter than a blink would require.
    • In a projected image of a street scene various items are removed and displaced (seemingly at random) between tenth-of-a-second artificial blinks.
    • Now, with a mind that is probably as sharp as it ever was, the only movements she can make are blinks and small yawns.
    • So far as the vehicles go, colors can be changed in what amounts to a physical blink of an eye.
    • A couple of blinks as he looks from the man next to them to Rama and back…
    • Michael brushed his hand across his sleepy eyes and gave a heavy blink and then looked again.
    • But she watched her mother blink in surprise and take an involuntary step back away from her.
    • Trials with excessive eye movements, blinks, or blockage were rejected.
    • Rachel and Annette both halted and turned, Rachel giving a blink of surprise at the tall and handsome man approaching.
    • Tying a balloon at the gate to the zoo, he catches the blink of a cashier before she rings up another fee, hungers for the moment a turtle slips into water.
    • Vicki caught his blink of shock and silently began to pray that he could help them.
    • Last night it emerged that police may seek to interview the girl even though she can only communicate using blinks and facial expressions.
    • Voters are seen as a strange and volatile lot, who could turn bad at the blink of an eye.
    • The blinks and other movements of her eyes, the occasional smiles, the sleep-wake pattern are all typical of a vegetative condition, manifesting reflex reactions, not consciousness.
    • In a single blink, Justine had analyzed him and the situation she was in.

intransitive verb

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    (eye/person) pestañear
    (person/eye) parpadear
    (light) parpadear
    if you blink, you'll miss it! si te descuidas, te lo pierdes
    • The overhead lights blinked once, then went out, casting the compartment in darkness.
    • Lights were blinking on the signs that commanded vehicles to stop.
    • She blinked open her bloodshot eyes and didn't really seem to see me.
    • I nodded quickly, blinking as I began looking ahead of me again.
    • It was traveling faster than most small planes and he watched the white light blinked out.
    • The door opened and a tall thin man appeared, Koishi blinked and quickly stepped away.
    • A small red light blinked, indicating that the water level was rapidly falling.
    • The lights blinked again before finally going out, but the candles provided the cabin with plenty of light.
    • With most cameras the correct-focus indicator light will blink rapidly and the shutter release won't fire.
    • I checked the phone, and, sure enough, the little red light was blinking, indicating that there was a message.
    • Neither mother nor child even blinked at the scene they created.
    • There were lights flashing and monitors blinking behind them.
    • Julia opened her eyes blinking up at the dark ceiling of her bedroom.
    • The loud slam of the door was still resonating in her mind as the van rolled away, the left-had signal light blinking only once before turning onto the main street.
    • She says it all very quickly and I blink as I take it in.
    • He blinked quickly and then turned to look at the half open door where his mother was leaning inside.
    • After a few minutes, the door swung open, and Neko blinked up at me.
    • Victorian morality and its inherent contradictions wouldn't have blinked at the pair's duplicity.
    • Arielle blinked twice before opening her eyes fully and staring at Luke with her usual cheery smile.
    • I told her I saw it enter the atmosphere and if it was a plane we'd only see lights blinking.
    • Why, he asks, does wearing the swastika attract widespread scorn, while no one blinks at the person wearing a hammer and sickle on his baseball cap?
    • Eyes blinked open… only to be greeted by the sight of a small girl, making her way up the winding path as if this were no particular day.
    • A red light blinking in the answer machine slowly flicked on and off.
    • Rebus noticed that an ambulance, blue lights blinking, was parked in front of a stationary double-decker bus.
    • Well, purchasing power is up for sure and nobody blinks at a thousand rupees for a ticket anymore.
    • I mean, he could be talking until morning if they didn't have a little red light blinking there on the podium.
    • You punched some buttons and a few lights blinked and in a matter of moments the computer solved a math problem.
    • I grab her chin forcefully with my hand and pull her face towards mine, watching her as she blinks furiously and opens her eyes wide.
    • As the sun set, the fluorescent jetty lights blinked on, producing pools of glittering reflections on the dark surface.
    • After a few seconds, the antenna stopped moving and another light blinked on.
    • A red light began blinking and flashing in the room, and an alarm went berserk.
    • They're looking for the indicator light to blink on, then off.
    • ‘Okay, my turn,’ I said quickly, blinking rapidly to make up for the past few seconds.
    • He opened his eyes and quickly blinked as the rainwater seeped into his eyes.
    • We don't even blink at these expressions of violence any more.
    • It took him a little while, but he finally opened his eyes, blinking tiredly.
    • His voice remains level, but he blinks quickly and hard.
    • At night all the lights blink and flash, and you can hear waves of screams from the rides.
    • She waited for it to go away; she blinked, shut her eyes and opened them again to no avail.
    • The man blinked, before opening the door wider and ushering me inside.
    • She felt tears bristling again, and took a few deep breaths, blinking quickly.
    • We pushed it open, and stood blinking in the dark of the hall.
    • His mouth was open slightly and his eyes where wide open and not blinking.
    • I had my head lolled to one side, mouth open, eyes weakly blinking.
    • As they prepared to go against whatever was up ahead, the emergency lights blinked out without warning.

transitive verb

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    (eye) guiñar
    (eye) picar Colombia
    (light) encender y apagar
    to blink away tears parpadear tratando de contener las lágrimas
    • to blink back tears contener las lágrimas