Translation of blood in Spanish:


sangre, n.

Pronunciation /bləd//blʌd/


  • 1

    sangre feminine
    to give blood dar / donar sangre
    • music is in his blood lleva la música en la sangre
    • blood and guts violencia
    • a blood-and-guts movie una película sangrienta / de mucha violencia
    • blood and thunder melodrama
    • a film with plenty of blood and thunder una película de las de capa y espada
    • fresh / new / young blood sangre / savia nueva
    • in cold blood a sangre fría
    • to be out for blood estar buscando con quién desquitarse
    • they're out for / after her blood se la tienen jurada
    • to draw blood sacar sangre
    • her remark had drawn blood sus palabras lo habían herido en lo más vivo
    • to draw first blood anotarse el primer tanto
    • to get blood out of / from a stone sacar agua de las piedras
    • trying to get information from him is like trying to get blood out of a stone a él hay que sacarle la información con sacacorchos / con tirabuzón
    • you can't get blood out of a stone no se le puede pedir peras al olmo
    • to get sb's blood up
    • it gets my blood up to see so much injustice se me sube la sangre a la cabeza cuando veo tanta injusticia
    • to have sb's blood on one's hands tener las manos manchadas con la sangre de algn
    • to make sb's blood boil
    • it makes my blood boil to think that ... me hierve la sangre cuando pienso que ...
    • to make sb's blood run cold, to chill sb's blood
    • his laugh made my blood run cold su risa hizo que se me helara la sangre (en las venas)
    • to sweat blood (be anxious) sudar la gota gorda
    • to taste blood probar el sabor de la victoria
    • before noun blood alcohol/sugar concentración de alcohol/azúcar en la sangre
    • blood cell / corpuscle glóbulo
    • blood plasma plasma sanguíneo
    • blood serum suero sanguíneo
    • blood supply riego sanguíneo
    • blood temperature temperatura del cuerpo
  • 2

    (lineage, family)
    sangre feminine
    of noble/Spanish blood de sangre noble/española
    • it runs in their blood lo llevan en la sangre
    • blood is thicker than water la familia siempre tira
    • before noun blood tie lazo de sangre
    • we're not blood relations no somos (parientes) consanguíneos
    • Experts believe that his father's position helped him to ascend the throne, since there was no royal blood in his family.
    • He was from a mean family, and an ignorant bum, but his friend was from a noble blood.
    • He openly supported the Jewish cause during the Arab revolt in Palestine though there was not a drop of Jewish blood in his veins.
    • People still speak in terms of belonging by ‘blood’; a person is seen to have Russian blood, Jewish blood, Armenian blood, or a mixture of ethnic bloods.
    • They haven't got a drop of Aboriginal blood in their veins but by crikey they're able to get some attention.
    • And although his parents were from Jamaica, James says he has Chinese blood in his family.
    • None but those of German blood may be members of the nation.
    • His mother was of Dutch extraction, so he had not a drop of English blood in his veins.
    • He really makes me believe sometimes he has Mediterranean blood in him!

transitive verb

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    (hounds) encarnar
    (hounds) encarnizar