Translation of blood donor in Spanish:

blood donor

donante de sangre, n.


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    donante de sangre masculine
    • A co-worker, who is a blood donor, received a card from the American Red Cross.
    • If you are not a blood donor already, please think about coming along to our clinic.
    • Anyone wanting to sign up should be aged between 18 and 44 and be a blood donor.
    • He now runs a pottery business and is also a regular blood donor.
    • In a recent study, students were told about a blood donor clinic on campus.
    • A 50-year-old male who had a hernia repair seven months ago is a prospective blood donor.
    • Only six per cent of the eligible population currently donate so we're hoping that people will make every effort this New Year to become a regular blood donor.
    • This type of training modules will help blood transfusion services in India to train their blood donor motivators.
    • ‘I'm a blood donor, so I would be compelled to ask for a potential partner's history for at least the previous 12 months,’ he insists.
    • If you would like to register as a potential bone marrow donor on the British Bone Marrow Registry, you must also be a regular blood donor.
    • He also wore a Gold Pelican Pin, recognition of his faithful service as a blood donor.
    • Anyone interested in becoming a blood donor can contact the Donor Helpline which is open 24 hours a day.
    • In addition, the hospital may have a blood donor program.
    • Seven hundred people flocked to a special blood donor clinic in Bradford last night to help a man battling against cancer.
    • You may be able to become a blood donor if you are aged from 17 to 60, weigh more than 7st 11 lb and are in good health.
    • If you've never done it before, consider giving blood at your local blood donor clinic.
    • The blood donor volunteers were four healthy male heavy smokers, aged 40-50 years.
    • Well, I have the choice of working for them or of being a blood donor.
    • Lisa's blood group was mentioned in the article, and when I got home I checked my blood donor card and found that my group was the same…
    • It is not permissible to sell one's blood or to pay the blood donor.