Translation of bloodsucker in Spanish:


hematófago, n.

Pronunciation /ˈblədˌsəkər//ˈblʌdsʌkə/


  • 1

    hematófago masculine
    • In the space of an hour, an astonishing 40,000 of the winged bloodsuckers will land on an unprotected arm, potentially giving 11 bites a second.
    • The company ships about 30,000 of the bloodsuckers a year to doctors who specialize in reattaching severed fingers, ears, and other body parts.
    • She was suddenly keenly aware off all the little pricks on her skin, where mosquitoes, the rotten little bloodsuckers, were feasting on her exposed flesh.
    • I'd consider armor before I'd give those bloodsuckers additional landing zones.
    • But while most Manitobans curse the tiny bloodsuckers, this play makes them heroes.
    • One of the more popular bloodsuckers of our age is the chupacabra.
    • He has even called in sponsorship from an insect-repellent manufacturer, providing wipes to keep the area's bloodsuckers at bay.
    • In fact, the only interruption to my singing was when I'd slap my arm or thigh or back trying to swat one of the evil bloodsuckers.
    • Doctors in the US are warning people to avoid the natural response to squash the insects but instead recommend giving the bloodsuckers a flick.
    • Research has found the safest way to remove the little bloodsuckers is to grip them close to their head using tweezers.
    • The entomologist said that by the end of 2002, the little bloodsuckers had been reported in at least 28 states.
    • The female mosquitoes become the bloodsuckers, and they use their long proboscis to bite other animals and feed on their blood.
  • 2

    sanguijuela feminine informal
    • And taxpayers considered them public bloodsuckers, regretting the days when financiers were put on trial for embezzlement.
    • Agents used to be known as bloodsuckers, but he gave bloodsuckers a bad name.
    • This is serious business: history has shown that profusions of bloodsuckers will sink great nations.
    • It is all too clear who benefits most from stirring up this bloodshed: the merchants of war, the bloodsuckers who direct world policy from behind the scenes.
    • In their view, justice means protecting the interests of the workers against the capitalist bloodsuckers who produce nothing yet reap handsome profits.
    • There are greedy bloodsuckers and there are banks.
    • While hard-line Communists stereotype capitalists as bloodsuckers of the working class, others defend them as socially conscious.
    • Cynics paint such corporate behemoths as bloodsuckers, but I have seen how they can transform the lives of their employees.
    • Ah, but… These bloodsuckers prey on the poor, often Native folk: car title loans, payday loans, personal loans up to $500.
    • ‘There will be no refuge for the terrorists, criminals and bloodsuckers,’ he said.
    • I quickly went inside gave the bloodsuckers the last few bucks for the game, ignoring a comment I heard some girl make behind me.
    • The board at that place are bloodsuckers, pure and simple.
    • Ironically, the blood is now being sucked out the other way: India's hill stations will soon be sucked dry by a new variety of bloodsuckers.