Translation of bloom in Spanish:


flor, n.

Pronunciation: /blum//bluːm/


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    • 1.1(flower)

      flor feminine
      • Daylilies can grow slowly, especially if the plants carry exotic blooms.
      • The white, pink, red and bi-colored blooms are showy against the dense evergreen shrubs.
      • You'll need short handled pruners to cut off spent flower blooms, trim vines that have grown into walkways and shape shrubs.
      • Remove from direct sun when flowering to prolong the life of the blooms.
      • Orchids are the second most popular flower and single blooms can be incorporated into a card to make a lovely presentation.
      • Though summer may boast more blooms, the flower bulbs of spring hold a special place in our affections.
      • The flowers got stuck in the doors - before I could re-open them he pulled out the flowers minus the blooms.
      • Then in March the most vivid of blues, the gentian, waves its tiny blooms in my rock garden.
      • Who knows, maybe the reason Cherie would fret over flowers is because the blooms didn't match her wallpaper.
      • Since yesterday more flowers had blooms, and now there were patches of white amongst the grass, and many more different flowers by the brook.
      • Perennials continue to grow and produce blooms for many years to come without reseeding or replanting.
      • Many plants continue to produce new flowers if you remove the spent blooms before they set seeds.
      • For reliable, early blooms in large quantity, many of these early flowering shrubs are as colorful as they are fragrant.
      • Pansies at Reliant will be pampered with soil and spray fertilizers to promote strong blooms.
      • In the western world these plants are well known as a source of garden flowers and florists' blooms.
      • Curved, narrow flower beds are best, because hummers can access the blooms from all sides of the plants.
      • Now that it has begun flowering, the blooms are dropping as soon as they open.
      • Plain glass vases are still a florist's mainstay, and are perfect for those who prefer the focus to stay firmly on the beauty of the blooms.
      • Remove seed pods, and remove spent blooms during the flowering season to encourage more color.
      • ‘Much of the drama and beauty of exotic blooms is in their unusual, long stems,’ she notes.

    • 1.2(time of flowering)

      floración feminine
      to be in bloom estar en flor
      • to be in full bloom estar en plena floración
      • to come into bloom florecer
      • in the full bloom of youth en la flor de la vida / de la edad
      • Visit a private or public garden to see lilies in bloom and help you decide which ones you like.
      • It's best to buy plants already in bloom to make sure you're getting the right variety.
      • The couple will also have the opportunity to meet with Chinese leaders who played a role in restoring bilateral ties and view flowering cherry trees in bloom in Beijing.
      • Depending upon your climate and the species, you can have nerine in bloom from August to January.
      • With the right plants and a little luck, you may be able to see Lilacs in bloom in your yard for up to six weeks.
      • There were some flowering plants in bloom to be had but most of them were sad things, showing signs of weather damage.
      • Recording which plants are in bloom when pesticide applications are made can be very valuable in future years.
      • When the fruit tree is in bloom, they can perhaps subsist by picking the fruit off the tree; but suppose there is a blight, one year, on fruit trees?
      • They had been in bloom for a while now, but she loved her flowers all year round.
      • The countryside was bleak in the winter and glorious in the summer - the gardens were beautiful with the rose bushes in bloom and mowed lawns.
      • Since chrysanthemums are among the most widely sold perennials, they are easy to find in bloom almost anywhere this month.
      • Cows graze contentedly in green fields, pigs and hens fossick in the dirt and bees buzz through orchards in bloom.
      • Cherry blossoms were in full bloom while orchards started producing the fine small red fruits.
      • Annuals can be an antidote to areas of the garden that are boring as seedlings planted can be in bloom within a few days or weeks and will last between two months to a year depending on the type.
      • To see these and other roses in bloom, visit municipal rose gardens or nurseries.
      • Please understand that when I say it was the first time, I mean it was the first time I had ever smelled the flowering plant in full bloom.
      • Trees were not in bloom in early to mid-February and were in full bloom by early to mid-March.
      • The variegation is a nice feature in a shady garden, especially when nothing is in bloom.
      • The middle of the miniature is dominated by a large treetrunk in front of which a rosebush is in bloom.
      • This can be traumatic for the rosarian, especially if your plant is already in bloom or has lots of buds.

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    (on fruits, leaves)
    vello masculine
    pelusa feminine
    to lose one's bloom ajarse
    • two years later, their relationship had lost its bloom dos años más tarde, su relación había perdido el encanto
    • to take the bloom off sth empañar algo
    • that took the bloom off the celebrations eso empañó los festejos
    • This waxy layer forms the grape's typically whitish surface, called the bloom.
    • To determine the level of bloom occurrence, the bloom was removed from the fruit surface by cellophane tape, and then affixed to a black acryl-board.
    • The bloom, however, begins to regenerate within a few days, but it does not attain its original prominence.
    • Similarly, recent research by colleagues at Cornell has shown that berries are highly susceptible from bloom until shortly after fruit set, but become much more resistant afterwards.
    • Paraffin wax is purposely added to a mixture to create a surface bloom which acts as a barrier to sun-checking and oxidation.

intransitive verb

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    (garden/tree/plant) florecer
    (flower) abrirse
    it was remarkable how she had bloomed in six short months/with her pregnancy era notable cómo se había desarrollado en apenas seis meses/lo bien que le sentaba el embarazo