Translation of blooming in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈblumɪŋ//ˈbluːmɪŋ/


  • 1British informal

    I missed the blooming bus! ¡perdí el condenado / maldito autobús! informal
    • what a blooming shame! ¡qué mala pata!
    • The volunteer gardeners at St Leonard's Hospice are calling on fellow horticulturalists to help them make their plant sale a blooming success for our Hospice 2000 Appeal.
    • How can you be sure that it is not something that merely looks like the blooming Truth, walks like the Truth but is merely masquerading as the Truth?
    • I went outside and saw this blooming big banner telling people to come and shop in Scarborough.
    • The person who figured out that you could make money out of standing still on a box was a blooming genius, for sure.
    • The cost of loving is proving blooming expensive for St Valentine's Day romantics.
    • Oh these blooming bones… They hurt with arthritis, especially when you fall, she thought!
    • I saw how the fine form of man was degraded and wasted; I beheld the corruption of death succeed to the blooming cheek of life; I saw how the worm inherited the wonders of the eye and brain.
    • There were rats, rats, as big as blooming cats, in the quartermaster's store.
    • But after some help from his son, who did the digging and planting under Doug's supervision, he managed to get his patch looking blooming marvellous in perfect time for the judging.
    • It is incontrovertibly a blooming great tune and it lies buried in the bubble wrapping of a botched piano concerto.
    • I am sure it will be a blooming wonderful day and our life will keep on blossoming.
    • And she should think herself blooming lucky at that!
    • He stands a blooming good chance of winning races outright.
    • While most people might be scratching their heads experts think the public have made a blooming marvellous choice.
    • But I said, you used to talk to our old cat - the real one, all the blooming time, so don't you give me that!
    • A best-kept gardens contest in Keighley was a blooming success.
    • A flower festival at St Andrew's Church, Kildwick, at the weekend was a blooming success.
    • After the arduous editing process, Lloyd himself ‘wasn't really in the best physical condition to turn round and start doing a blooming topical puppet show’.
    • ‘The whole route is 10 miles and it's blooming hard work when you've got a Victorian dress on and I usually walk it,’ she said.
    • Haworth villagers are being urged to go blooming crazy to get the village in tip-top shape before judges arrive for the Yorkshire in Bloom competition.
  • 2

    (happy and healthy)



  • 1

    don't be so blooming rude! ¡no seas tan grosero, caramba!
    • there was a blooming great boulder in the way había una roca de aquí te espero en el camino