Translation of blossom in Spanish:


flor, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈblɑsəm//ˈblɒs(ə)m/


  • 1

    flor feminine
    • As the large, loose clusters of tiny greenish flower blossoms fade, the flower stalks get longer and by midsummer are covered with fuzzy purple or pink hairs.
    • Each bulb can produce as many as twenty beautiful, large trumpet-shaped blossoms on a single stem.
    • Garnish salads with buds or the yellow blossoms.
    • Also known as baby's breath, these starry blossoms on thread-thin stems make great fillers for fresh and dried arrangements.
    • Its foliage is divine - tiny spirals of pearly blossoms with a heavenly scent.
    • Water each container lightly at the base of the plants, being careful not to get water on the leaves or blossoms.
    • In spring one revels in the bright green of new buds and the blossoms of the azaleas.
    • Its blossoms, on bare branches, are showy and often fragrant.
    • Remove plants from their nursery pots, being careful not to break their stems or blossoms.
    • The magnificent shades of lavender-purple and white blossoms with their heady show and sweet fragrance renewed my love affair with the lilac.
    • His feet are tied to branching white blossoms, beneath which a few women with flower torches dance.
    • Just inside the garden is a large rose tree covered with white blossoms.
    • Intensely fragrant, waxy white blossoms emerge on stems as tall as 3 feet above grassy basal foliage and tuberous roots.
    • Since the majority of night-scented blossoms have white flowers, these plants also light up the landscape at night.
    • Of course, now is a great time to clean out the flower beds, removing the fallen leaves and blossoms to avoid potential fungus and molds from growing.
    • Frequent mowing during peak growth will eliminate the yellow blossoms and prevent seed formation.
    • Snow weighed down the branches and from a distance, they looked like trees bearing white blossoms.
    • If you like edible flowers, try some of the tiny white blossoms sprinkled onto salads.
    • Tiny blossoms of deep pinks and reds will add great color to your festive fall container.
    • Jim sat down under a flowering tree in a patch of tiny white blossoms and faced the shimmering waters of the river.
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    (mass of flowers)
    (feminine plural) flores
    a cherry in blossom un cerezo en flor

intransitive verb

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    (tree) florecer
    (tree) dar flor
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    (enterprise/arts) florecer
    (person/relationship) alcanzar su plenitud
    to blossom into sth
    • our friendship blossomed into love nuestra amistad se transformó en amor
    • Helen has blossomed (out) into a delightful young woman Helen se ha convertido en una chica encantadora