Translation of blue-eyed boy in Spanish:

blue-eyed boy

niño mimado, n.


  • 1

    niño mimado masculine
    • Unfortunately, the other player involved was well in with the manager, his blue-eyed boy, and I was the one who was ostracised.
    • The blue-eyed boys captured the prize over their competitors.
    • He was my blue-eyed boy, and couldn't do anything wrong.
    • The series follows the adventures of this man and how his being a blue-eyed boy of the king wins him many enemies.
    • If that wasn't already apparent, the recent case of the blue-eyed boys of American Football, the Dallas Cowboys, brought it into sharp relief.
    • Ronnie was on the rebound because dad went off travelling around the world and there he was, having been the blue-eyed boy, dropped.
    • It came as little surprise when the blue-eyed boy who excelled at his high school in Woodford Green, east London, wrote in his year book of his dream to be Prime Minister.
    • But that sort of made me the blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy for the company after that.
    • A champion swimmer and blue-eyed boy of his parents, Sanjay finds that his world completely changes after he gets the disease.
    • He is the housewives' choice for victory, the blue-eyed boy of British motor racing at the moment whose chances for this weekend have been talked high enough to reach the layer of thick clouds that stretched across Silverstone.
    • Is the ‘de facto’ leader of the Opposition seeing this as an opportunity to reinstate the blue-eyed boy to his, what some consider, rightful place in the party?
    • Just now, he enjoys City favour for his achievements to date, but he should take note of his friend's experiences and how being the blue-eyed boy doesn't guarantee the City will always love him.
    • When opportunity came, he did not hesitate to dump his mentor to become a blue-eyed boy of the then chief minister.
    • Such celluloid misrepresentation has cast the people as wily torturers of blue-eyed boys, and their homeland as a tropical hellhole.
    • Fortunately, as the couple keep on reminding each other proudly, Kurt is the boss's blue-eyed boy: whenever there is any overtime, it is Kurt who is first in line.
    • In the shorter term, if there are deals to be done, he believes it is the hedge funds - currently the blue-eyed boys of the market - who will be making moves.
    • If the UK operation has been the black sheep in the family, its asset management division has been the blue-eyed boy.
    • Schneider is something of a blue-eyed boy for Voller, summing up the spirit he demands of his team.
    • It wasn't long before one of his blue-eyed boys got impatient with the company despite its aggressive marketing focus.
    • But most of all, it helps that he has a mysterious wow factor that makes him the blue-eyed boy of the ad world.