Translation of bluenose in Spanish:


puritano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbluːnəʊz//ˈblunoʊz/



  • 1

    puritano masculine
    puritana feminine
    • And despite what he and other bluenoses seem to think, I'm pretty sure that the per capita amount of sex in the world today isn't any larger than it was a thousand years ago, rap music and pop stars notwithstanding.
    • We used to have a host of words to describe the likes of him: prig, bluenose, Comstock, stuffed-shirt.
    • He gets regular invitations to hook up with fellow ex-pat bluenoses and take in TV games, invitations he is happy to accept.
    • He has a sense of humor, clearly liked the crew, swears occasionally, and saves his greatest scorn for organized bluenoses.
    • Hollywood bluenoses, prohibition, the loose morals of Greenwich Village, religion - hardly any American phenomenon was outside his ambit.
    • The latter shocked bluenoses with satanic sadism, but also reassured the devout by insisting that God and the devil were real.
    • He urged bluenoses to take ladies of the street into their homes until they got back on their feet, so to speak.
    • So this is quite a choice we're left with: is it better to be a bigot who's in favor of government regulation of gay sex, or a bluenose who's in favor of government regulation of all kinds of sex?
    • Libraries are about choices, or at least they should be, and it annoys the hell out of me that some bluenose thinks he or she should be able to decide for everyone else what we can and cannot read.
    • He examined the group again and saw that grown men and women who dress up in padded bike shorts, gaudy polyester shirts, little fingerless gloves, and silly helmets shaped like insect heads are probably not going to be rigid bluenoses.