Translation of blueprint in Spanish:


plano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbluˌprɪnt//ˈbluːprɪnt/


  • 1

    (of technical drawing) plano masculine
    (of technical drawing) proyecto masculine
    Photography cianotipo masculine
    • Inside the five-year-old company's offices are maps and blueprints of mineral claims scouted by other firms and rocks dug up by other miners.
    • He did the blueprints personally and personally designed the motors that turn the house and drove nails personally.
    • If memory serves me correctly, the old guys with their smocks and T square used to expose their blueprints in the sun.
    • The police confiscated optical lenses, design blueprints for targeting devices and other items during the raid.
    • The wizened old man sat in his plush office, blueprints spread out on top of the bureau.
    • Fewer new homes will be built on greenfield sites under a blueprint designed to last for up to 20 years.
    • Most of these are highlighted on your reconnaissance map, which typically consists of base layouts or blueprints with indicators placed upon them.
    • Do a web search for castle floor plans or castle home blueprints.
    • Her blueprints included plans for a large pool and formal terraced gardens.
    • The blueprint the builder typically uses is four pages, and the blueprint we all might turn out is 30.
    • Although the design blueprint came from the US, it was the Singapore team that designed and engineered the mechanics.
    • With those blueprints in hand, clients can be sure they're getting quality materials, and they can compare apples to apples when the bids come in.
    • His blueprint included a fixed breech rail to keep the cows in place.
    • Before tackling any upgrades, work with an architect or designer to develop a blueprint.
    • A new hotel, 117 residential units, and a number of offices are all in the design blueprint.
    • This means each new application rolled out should use a blueprint to design the system, and an automated system to update and patch it.
    • He said the blueprint and its designated two-km buffer zone ‘could be adjusted’.
    • In 1862, it set up its office building following the blueprint of the British firm of architects.
    • Ours soon found themselves grounded around the dining room table, scribbling madly on a draft design blueprint.
    • None of the plans were real blueprints or technical drawings.
  • 2

    (plan of action)
    programa masculine
    a blueprint for disaster el camino seguro al desastre
    • This can be used as a blueprint for support groups to help ensure they're best helping abuse survivors and have a better chance of helping them rebuild their lives.
    • Imagine having all these grand ideals, magnificent visions, and a blueprint for human flourishing.
    • An individualised case conceptualisation helps organise complex information about a patient and is a blueprint for guiding treatment.
    • If nothing else, it can be used as an example and a blueprint for change.
    • A call has gone out for every resident of Ilmington to get involved in the creation of a parish plan, a document which will form a blueprint for the future of the village.
    • She said she would be heavily involved in the creation of next year's policing plan, a blueprint for tackling the county's crime and disorder issues.
    • They then have to formulate their own submissions for the plan which will provide a blueprint for development in the town from 2006 to 2012.
    • Curiously, those measurements may as well have served as a blueprint for our prototypical swimmer ever since.
    • We are very proud of the service we offer and are pleased to act as a blueprint for epilepsy services around the country.
    • The town is a blueprint for the rest of the country after measures to beat transport problems proved a major success.
    • I'm convinced this model will be a blueprint for other authorities to follow.
    • The Government is considering a report into radiotherapy services which will act as a blueprint for the development of services nationally.
    • The council are taking the best from all the plans and creating a blueprint for the future of the town.
    • The way you model the distribution of chores in the household provides a blueprint for your children's marriages.
    • The trust and its supporters believe that if the trial is successful it could prove to be a blueprint for many other decimated in-shore fisheries around the Scottish coastline.
    • It was hoped the plan could become a blueprint for the rest of the country, but the new early opening hours were dropped because of ‘operational problems’.
    • The plan was to serve as a blueprint for the rejuvenation of the town centre, but so far developments have either met heavy opposition or been conspicuous by their absence.
    • Strong does offer some guidelines on how this can be achieved, but the book is more a general manifesto calling for change rather than a blueprint for specific action.
    • This model could be a blueprint for other states to create comprehensive methamphetamine policies as well.
    • The final version of the Local Plan - a blueprint for future land use in Chorley - is available for viewing.