Translation of blush in Spanish:


ruborizarse, v.

Pronunciation: /bləʃ//blʌʃ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    ponerse colorado
    ponerse rojo
    I blush easily me pongo colorado / rojo por nada
    • he blushed scarlet at her words se puso como un tomate con lo que dijo
    • she blushed with shame se puso colorada de vergüenza
    • I blush to admit that … me avergüenza tener que reconocer que …
    • She looked down at herself, and blushed so deep a crimson it was easily visible through the white fur on her chest.
    • Jennifer smiled at the way Scott blushed, the red flush working its way up from his neck to the top of his face.
    • I shook my head to clear the thought as my face blushed with shame.
    • He glared at her, and realised with embarrassment that he was blushing, which only made him blush all the more.
    • I answered, blushing slightly, my shyness obvious in my soft yet high voice.
    • She blushed deeply from embarrassment and tears grew once more in the garden of her eyes.
    • Rob lay down next to her, and reached out his hand, still blushing but ignoring his embarrassment and taking her hand in his.
    • Tom humbly bowed his head and his cheeks blushed in the embarrassment.
    • Now it was Gabe's turn to squirm and blush as crimson as roses.
    • Mackenzie didn't say anything and just blushed, his cheeks burning scarlet.
    • Her friends started clapping loudly, hooting and hollering as Scarlet just blushed.
    • Well at least he thought she was blushing, the colour on her face was so varied it was hard to tell.
    • Claudia shook her head, blushing slightly in embarrassment as all eyes looked at them.
    • She blushed scarlet, and saw that her father saw the whole thing, and was turning beat red.
    • Thank God, there were no lights; I could so feel my face burn up, probably blushing.
    • Anthony's hand brushed against mine ever so slightly as we were moving to get in, and I blushed a deep scarlet.
    • When he asked us why we were giving him a present, we just blushed - our shame at the real reason was interpreted as a crush.
    • She blushed a deep scarlet and I couldn't help but grin even more.
    • Scarlet blushed and they all leaned toward her but she began to walk off.
    • I blushed further shades of embarrassment, trying to hide myself under my raven dark hair.


  • 1

    (in cheeks)
    rubor masculine
    to spare sb's blushes
    • she spared his blushes and didn't mention his behavior the previous night le ahorró un bochorno al no mencionar su comportamiento de la noche anterior
    • oh, spare my blushes! no me hagas pasar vergüenza
  • 2

    (in sky, flower)
    tono rosáceo masculine