Translation of blustery in Spanish:


borrascoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbləstəri//ˈblʌstəri/


  • 1

    (weather/wind) borrascoso
    (night) tempestuoso
    • In the early afternoon I cycle in blustery weather down to Louise's apt and together we check out the shows at the Pompidou.
    • There is a very little friction among cold fronts and as a result winds at lower-levels can become blustery and gusty.
    • They stood face to face under the balcony in the moonlight as the blustery rain teemed around them.
    • The Australians were way short of beating their own new world record, but the weather was a little cooler and the wind a little more blustery.
    • Not just one type either - we're getting snow, hail, rain, sunshine, blustery gales in the morning then calm afternoons.
    • Many people lured here have scattered to South Africa's increasingly blustery winter winds.
    • The forecast for today is blustery showers and heavy falls likely with some longer spells of rain expected.
    • Forecasters are predicting no end to deep winter misery with increasingly blustery weather over the next three days and gales reaching hurricane force along exposed coasts.
    • Wrapped in as many layers of clothing as they could find, the three of them stood together at the side of the van and winced as a cold and blustery autumn wind gusted into their exposed and unprotected faces.
    • The wind wound its blustery course around the towers and parapets of Castle Clifgard.
    • The atmosphere was truly electric, and neither blustery showers nor chilling winds were enough to dampen the spirits of any spectator, and we were out in the tens of thousands.
    • Heavy rain and a blustery cold wind made this a hard game to call and both teams deserve great credit for the quality of football they served up despite the adverse circumstances.
    • Although the weather was blustery they still got the job done.
    • The recent spell of blustery weather turned my thoughts to foliage, which looks good come rain or shine.
    • Underfoot it was slippery and there was a strong, blustery breeze.
    • The cycle ride home was against a very strong, blustery wind and left me feeling knackered.
    • Swindon felt the full force of the elements at the weekend with more blustery weather expected tonight.
    • Early on both sides struggled to master a blustery wind and a sometimes treacherous surface was made slippery by sheeting rain, but it was the visitors who threatened first.
    • The weather was blustery and rather unpleasant but this didn't deter a large attendance at the special event.
    • After this morning's horrendous drive in the season's first blustery snowfall, motorists won't have it any easier on the way home.
    • Was it the blustery, cold weather that had everyone lazy as lizards on a cold rock?
    • The blustery southerly wind kept the forecast heavy rain away until mid afternoon and it was only the very late starters who were caught out.
    • Strong blustery winds and a little rain had some boats coming to a virtual standstill with thunder adding to the excitement as the race advanced.
    • Once you waddle into those snow pants and head out into that blustery winter weather, you are rolling the dice with your life.
    • Despite the adverse blustery weather conditions, it was clear that Oxford had the edge.
    • On the last night of their vigil, the three huddled together in sleeping bags as blustery weather whipped around them.
    • Braving the blustery winds coming in from the Atlantic, three groups teed off just after mid-day, all suitably dressed for the prevailing weather.
    • The wintry weather took on freakish proportions with torrential rain turning to sideways sleet as the blustery wind continued to create havoc.
    • He offered his arm to her, and the four of them swept out of the door into the blustery weather.
    • During the summer it was further out on the patio but I got worried that the it would get blown over in the blustery winds of winter and tucked it in between two pots for safety.
    • The weather was blustery with occasional showers.
    • At half time in a game marred by a strong blustery wind blowing to the city end, North trailed by nine points.
    • High winds and blustery showers persisted throughout the morning and afternoon which made things very difficult for the young competitors.
    • Only one of three fishermen who left Old Road Bay in a small fishing boat Monday in blustery weather with high gusting winds and heavy rain squalls has returned safely to the island.
    • On this December afternoon, the wind was downright blustery and the temperature was frigid.
    • The south-facing elevation is pointed away from the beach to avoid the blustery, oceanfront wind.
    • There they were, standing out against the people who were rushing on to get out of the blustery winds. they were wearing a ripped shirt and a dirty suit.
    • Last night forecasters predicted that the blustery weather would continue, with hail and thunder a possibility.
    • The weekend's blustery winds have blown the cobwebs away and felled quite a few trees.
    • Even in the blustery weather, a lone boat puttered along in the Boundary Channel.