Translation of board in Spanish:


tabla, n.

Pronunciation: /bɔːd//bɔrd/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (plank) tabla feminine
      (plank) tablón masculine
      (floorboard) tabla (del suelo) feminine
      as stiff as a board más tieso que un palo / que una tabla
      • to tread the boards pisar las tablas
      • The method of assembly depends on the thickness of the boards and the size of the completed frame.
      • First, the foam underlayment is rolled out, and then the laminate boards can be placed over it with a tongue-in - groove technique.
      • The scorpion spends its days under loose stones, bark, boards, and floors of outhouses.
      • Add elegant age to modern bathrooms by wainscoting the lower third of the wall areas in tongue-and-groove timber slats or boards.
      • You will need to cut and chisel these out of the floor and replace them with new boards.
      • Just add connecting boards between sections of deck from below to make a box, then either hinge the deck piece or make it a lift section.
      • Nail or screw down loose boards or fittings, and clean all the gaps thoroughly.
      • If the four cuts were not enough to cut all the way through the board, finish it off with a sharp handsaw.
      • New pine planks were stained on one side, and their bottoms were left unfinished because the owners wanted them to cup and warp to match the old boards in another part of the floor.
      • It is a good idea to add up the total number of boards, being careful to make sure you group short pieces in with long pieces to minimize waste.
      • I recommend you cut the joists after almost all your decking boards are in place.
      • The rough stucco was replaced with random-length tongue-and-groove boards to create an old-fashioned look.
      • Immediately after sawing I stack the boards in the shade (though not in a building), with spacers between each layer.
      • If you are using random width boards, be sure the piece next to the wall is the wider piece.
      • It is a good idea to paint the exposed ends of the joists and deck boards with a waterproofing for added protection.
      • Rusted sheet metal, asphaltic roofing, old boards, or slate tiles are other roofing alternatives.
      • Remove all of the old nails, and resecure any deck boards that may be loose.
      • The wood has severely splintered and several chunks of wood have come out of the boards.
      • Use a straight edge and clamp the boards down to make an even, straight cut.
      • The floor was wood and a few boards creaked under his weight.

    • 1.2(material)

      a piece of board una plancha de conglomerado etc.

    • 1.3(for chopping etc)

      tabla (de madera) feminine
      • Remove the meat to a carving board and cover with foil.
      • Sadly, most of the game boards have been damaged beyond recognition.
      • Thus, even such everyday objects as game boards and dice were buried with the deceased.
      • For the scallop crackers, place the feuille de brick sheets on a cutting board.
      • These paintings of half-length figures grouped around a gaming board or table were probably meant to convey moral messages.
      • Our relationship grew over those years and, most of the time, it happened over a game board.
      • The game board is filled with dazzling colors, wonderful textures, and delightful characters.
      • Transfer the nougatine sheet to a cutting board and chop into small pieces.
      • Place the lobster, shell uppermost, on a board on the table in front of you.
      • Carving is also applied to the production of staves of traditional office, drums, dolls, and game boards.
      • The game involves a wooden board containing holes in which seeds are placed.
      • The picture on the right is a replica of a game found in a royal tomb at Ur dated around 2600 BC which makes it one of the oldest game boards in existence.
      • An advanced version of the game can also be played in which only a portion of the game board is visible to a player.
      • The game board tumbled to the ground and twenty red and yellow marbles rolled in various directions across the floor, beneath the bed, and under the dresser.
      • The paintings are long or tall rectangles or approximately square panels and are about as big as game boards.
      • The games would be played across mahogany inlaid boards; the pieces, all ivory of course, would have been carved during the Ming dynasty.
      • Slide the pastry on to a board, cover with clingfilm and chill for 30 minutes.
      • The game board is a rectangular grid of squares, initially occupied by a given configuration of filled squares.
      • After he left the kitchen Lissie got up to hand the cutting board covered with onion slices to her mother.
      • As time passed, the game evolved, with boards consisting of 10x10 and later 13x13 grids at different periods while the number of stones increased.
      • In the game, players take turns to push coins up a board with horizontal lines across it.
      • In Australia, I am told it is known as Calliente, and in Germany it is still possible to buy a board for the game under the original name Poch.
      • Gail nodded and bit her lip again, turning her attention back to the game board and staring at the jumbled patterns of red and yellow marbles.
      • During this part of the auction, the auctioneers also sold off dozens of game boards.
      • Set the tortillas on a board and cover one half of each with cheese and then spinach.
      • They act as game boards for toys and as toy chests, because taking one's favorite toy-carrying case to school is not allowed.

    • 1.4render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)

      placa base feminine
      main / mother board placa madre feminine

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    • 2.1render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)

      trampolín masculine

    • 2.2render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)(for surfing, windsurfing)

      tabla (de surf) feminine
      • The dedicated surfer is one of the few who stands - on a board - to benefit from this capricious nature.
      • Seven tries later Morgan was no closer to standing up on the board.
      • Dogtown Skates introduced boards with elaborate graphic designs on the bottom.
      • The prototype boards are being tested by Australian surfers.
      • I stand on a board, my feet unfastened, and learn how to keep balanced by flexing my knees and leaning forward a little.
      • Barney and Skinny's boards were only two of many equipment casualties on Wednesday morning.
      • The sport combines elements of surfing on a board with the added dimension of a kite.
      • I could stand on a board and wobble, but that was about it.
      • Stand on the board and balance without letting the edges touch down.
      • He and his friends rode the boards for the next several years.
      • For the leisure industry, they stock wet suits, surf and ski boards and Yamaha Jet skis.
      • Whether it is soaring 50 feet through the air on a Skidoo or popping tricks on a board in a half pipe, extreme sports thrive on danger.
      • I walked over to a tent where I saw some surfing boards.
      • It was a stormy day in November, 2001, when Sharp and his men drove up to his beach fortress with a ton of boards, jetskis, and rescue gear.
      • It felt like riding on a surfing board but it was more stable and smooth.
      • He loved getting up early, grabbing his board and surfing with the sunrise.
      • A board fastened to your feet enables jumps and elaborate tricks to be carried out.
      • Well basically it's sky-diving with a board fixed to your feet.
      • Some of the skaters have told the Alice Springs News they were ordered to line up against a wall and hand over their boards to four police officers.
      • You might have noticed more and more people of all ages gliding down the streets on skateboards, sliding along walls and flicking and spinning their boards with various degrees of success.
      • ‘Not the greatest,’ Tyler admitted, standing his board in the sand beside him.

    • 2.3render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)(for surfing, windsurfing)

      diana feminine

    • 2.4render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)Games

      tablero masculine
      to sweep the board arrasar con / llevarse todos los premios

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    • 3.1render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)

      tablero de anuncios masculine
      tablón de anuncios masculine Spain

    • 3.2(sign)

      letrero masculine
      cartel masculine
      • He paced back and forth, scratched his head, and finally strode to the board and wrote: CVCVC.
      • Easily affixed to the fridge or kitchen wall, the boards allow you to scribble notes and reminders when they come to you.
      • Record lesson objectives in a margin of the board at the beginning of class.
      • On most occasions when I take a workshop, I first write on the board - there are no rules, but there are precedents.
      • Everything had to be copied by hand and I couldn't read a single Vietnamese word she wrote on the board.
      • I also wrote on the board and told him how he should sign documents.
      • Grady walked over to Vaughn who was standing with a cup of coffee staring at the list he'd written on the dry-erase board.
      • Mr. Sanchez was writing something on the board in large, ugly handwriting.
      • Those of you that were unemployed several years ago may remember display boards with attached hand written postcards advertising job vacancies.
      • Being the last period of the day, everyone looked just as uninterested as me in whatever the teacher was writing on the board.
      • We were commenting how the lesson would be difficult because no-one could read what Mr Foster writes on the board.
      • ‘One of the boys pinned it up on the board before the game,’ said the Bradford boss.
      • To her, the ideal teacher was skilled in all things, even writing on the board quickly and efficiently.
      • She then rose from her chair and began writing things on the board.
      • Mary is often forced to dodge missiles when she turns her back on her 31-member class to write on the board.
      • He walked into his class to see his teacher writing on the board.
      • I've always been an excellent speller, but now half the words I wrote on the board were misspelled.
      • He entered the room and started to write onto the board - without saying a word.
      • If the teacher wanted to do something to earn his money, he could write things on the board in phonetic alphabets.
      • In the middle of the three streets, there is a board on which various notices and advertisements have been posted.
      • Desks were moved to the walls, books were placed in the appropriate places and the rules were written on the board.
      • She was scribbling down the different terms and mathematical properties that the teacher had written on the board.

    • 3.3render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)

      marcador masculine

    • 3.4(blackboard)

      pizarra feminine
      pizarrón masculine Latin America
      tablero masculine Colombia

    • 3.5(at airport, station)

      panel masculine
      tablero masculine

  • 4

    • 4.1(committee)

      junta feminine
      consejo masculine
      the school's board of governors el consejo directivo del colegio
      • The organization's board is expected to meet in the next few weeks to decide what to do with the windfall.
      • All the decisions taken were fully informed decisions of a conscientiously acting board or body of trustees.
      • The Government needs to look seriously at the people on the boards.
      • People should be on the boards of public companies if they have the skill and experience to be there.
      • The staff compile reports and write summaries for the board.
      • One might have expected him to sit on the boards of two or three of New York's more important cultural institutions, but so far as I know that was not the case.
      • Members of the public are always most welcome to sit in on our monthly trust board meetings.
      • At a meeting of 14 board members, the decision was taken unanimously to organize a street demonstration.
      • During this meeting another board of directors also had to be elected.
      • What are directors' attendance records at board and committee meetings?
      • Other scientists wrote and e-mailed the board in support of the science standards.
      • The proposed policy is expected to go before the council's executive board for a decision later this year.
      • The school has written to the exam board asking them to take the crash into account.
      • There were a couple of board members at the meeting.
      • I also sit on the board of our global organization and its governance committee.
      • At the same meeting, a new board of directors and a monitoring council are expected to be approved.
      • It was in that sense comparable to the boards of museums, colleges, and philanthropic organizations.
      • This press conference is part of a larger decision by the Tourist Board to better inform the press of the activities undertaken by the board.
      • Most corporations paid directors for attending board and committee meetings.
      • A new constitution and board of directors were put in place after the council threatened to remove funding unless the disputes were resolved.

    • 4.2(administrative body)

      the Water/Gas Board la compañía del agua/gas

    • 4.3

      board (of directors) consejo de administración masculine

    • 4.4(of examiners)

      tribunal masculine

  • 5

    (provision of meals)
    board and lodging comida y alojamiento
  • 6

    across the board
    • they have promised to reduce taxation across the board han prometido una reducción general de impuestos
    • they are demanding $120 across the board exigen un aumento de 120 dólares para todo el personal
    • before noun across-the-board general
    • on board a bordo
    • on board the ship/plane a bordo del barco/avión
    • to go on board embarcarse
    • before noun on-board de a bordo
    • to go by the board
    • all these precautions tend to go by the board todas estas precauciones suelen dejarse a un lado
    • she allowed all her scruples to go by the board echó por la borda todos sus escrúpulos
    • to take sth on board asumir algo
    • they wouldn't take him on board no querían aceptarlo a bordo
  • 7USinformal

    (stock exchange)
    bolsa feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (go aboard)
    to board a ship abordar Mexico
    • the train was boarded by two policemen dos policías subieron al tren
  • 2

    (in naval battle)
  • 3


intransitive verb

  • 1

    (go aboard)
    abordar Colombia Mexico
  • 2

    (be accommodated)
    to board with sb alojarse / hospedarse en casa de algn
  • 3

    (at school)
    estar interno
    estar pupilo River Plate