Translation of boatswain in Spanish:


contramaestre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈboʊs(ə)n//ˈbəʊs(ə)n/


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    contramaestre masculine
    • Take for instance, the boatswain's mate who needs to put that new coat of paint on the bulkhead.
    • The boatswain and master of the ship appear to say that it has been magically repaired and that the crew is safe.
    • Silent Pete, the boatswain, as I later found out, tossed me a mop.
    • I am a retired seaman and spent many a year sailing the world as a ship's boatswain.
    • The bo'sun took the hint and yelled, ‘Ahoy the boat!’
    • A boatswain's mate on a ship's forecastle might not be paying attention to the color of the anchor chain paying out of the locker, or turn the friction brake in the wrong direction, with disastrous results.
    • These were Lt. Jim Galvin and a boatswain's mate named Stevens.
    • He's a boatswain's mate by trade but said life on the LCAC's small deck beats the duties of bigger vessels.
    • Your captain said there were fifty men aboard, himself not included - his first mate, cook, navigator, purser, boatswain, carpenter, quartermaster, and forty-three sailors.
    • ‘They'll think you're a nutter,’ cut in Sean, the bosun, who put away seven pints in each port.
    • Typically, it's a boatswain's mate or a quartermaster running the ship, while an engineer and one or two seaman line handlers assist in the shipboard operations.
    • Then the lanky, bearded boatswain would take the helm while the captain conned the ship from one bridge wing or the other, with the chief engineer at his elbow
    • Aviation boatswain's mates wash down the flight deck aboard PCU Ronald Reagan following a test of damage control systems.
    • Accordingly, arming an employee with a pickax and sending him into the vessel in a bosun's seat would be inadvisable.
    • He served in the merchant marines as a boatswain and a machinist's mate when ships were going to places of interest.
    • At 11 in the morning the boatswain's mate would pipe ‘Up spirits,’ to cue the petty officer of the day to climb to the quarterdeck, where an officer would give him the keys to the spirit room.
    • Shannon, even though promised an ‘A’ school, has decided to remain in deck and become a boatswain's mate.
    • Perhaps the boatswain missed the turn-off for Bangkok from the Mekong?
    • The boatswain tells them that the ship is in fine condition.
    • It was the mutinous bosun, calling himself the captain, who abandoned the three of them and the real captain on the ship.