Translation of bobbin in Spanish:


bobina, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɒbɪn//ˈbɑbɪn/


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    bobina feminine
    carrete masculine
    • If the broken thread is the color of the bobbin thread, the upper tension is too loose.
    • In days gone by I would have ordered the non-standard bobbins my sewing machine uses from his shop and got them in mere weeks.
    • Thread the machine needle with white thread and the bobbin with red thread.
    • She threw down the book and hurtled the bobbin of thread across the room.
    • Most readily available topstitching thread is polyester, so pair it with all-purpose polyester thread in the bobbin.
    • I removed the finished thread from the bobbin, and wound it into a big off-white ball.
    • Holding the needle thread tail, take a stitch to draw the bobbin thread to the tuck surface.
    • For the bobbin, use either embroidery-weight bobbin thread or all-purpose sewing thread in a matching color.
    • Its job is to carry the top thread into the bobbin case so the stitch can be formed.
    • For the stretch stitch, use a polyester thread in the needle and a polyester or texturized nylon thread in the bobbin.
    • I've remembered what it was… I was going to plug that sewing machine in and see if I could wind a bobbin.
    • For example, if your machine has a frontloading bobbin, the flat side of the needle faces the back of the machine.
    • Conveniently, there's a Fabricland at the mall across the street from my office, so I can go and buy all the necessary things like bobbins and thread and such.
    • Lace is created by looping and twisting threads using a set of bobbins or a needle.
    • Before releasing the animals, he attached to each one's back a bobbin of thread, one end of which was tied to the release mechanism.
    • Pull the basting bobbin threads to gather the skirt.
    • Wind thicker threads on a bobbin by hand, use regular sewing thread in the needle, and stitch with the right side down.
    • When creating a lace appliqué, use the same color thread in the bobbin and the needle.
    • In a barn they found four men dismantling bobbins of yarn, packed with the Sovereign cigarettes.
    • Match the upper thread color with the bobbin thread to help disguise stitch inconsistencies.