Translation of bodybuilder in Spanish:


culturista, n.


  • 1

    culturista feminine
    fisiculturista feminine
    • Your scenario is similar to that of other bodybuilders seeking to add muscle mass.
    • Warren has trained hundreds of athletes, from bodybuilders to pro football players to triathletes.
    • For bodybuilders, strength should follow muscle growth, not the other way around.
    • Below are a few specific teas that offer benefits to bodybuilders and other athletes.
    • Every year, a new crop of pro bodybuilders qualifies for their first Olympia.
    • Strength should be a byproduct of a bodybuilder's muscle size and not the other way around.
    • To be honest, this commercial of bodybuilders showing their muscles makes one want to laugh.
    • Most bodybuilders seek a muscle pump when they weight train.
    • All the actors I saw and loved from the '50s and the '60s were people who stretched their lives out like a bodybuilder stretches muscles out.
    • He wasn't a bodybuilder but his muscles were thick, probably from rowing.
    • Apparently, it pays not only to exercise like a bodybuilder but to drink like one as well.
    • To meet the calorie needs of growing muscles, bodybuilders must eat a lot more food than the average Joe.
    • Fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders use this exercise to add mass to the upper arm and improve definition of the biceps and other elbow-flexor muscles.
    • As a bodybuilder seeking muscle growth, the kind of failure you want to reach should be defined as the point at which you can no longer perform another complete rep with proper form.
    • A group of bodybuilders flexed their muscles to the tunes from Mangalayam.
    • Getting robbed of precious muscle growth is a bodybuilder's worst nightmare.
    • What do large athletes like bodybuilders and football players have in common?
    • Today, steroids are widely used by both male and female bodybuilders and athletes and also by boys not yet in their teens!
    • What if I told you that I've discovered a supplement that satisfied the need for immediate results for bodybuilders and all athletes alike?
    • He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and is consulted by many bodybuilders and strength athletes who are looking to enhance their training and performance.