Translation of bole in Spanish:


tronco, n.

Pronunciation /bəʊl//boʊl/


  • 1

    (de árbol) tronco masculine
    • A few dead boles of tree stood scattered across the infertile land as the child faded from view, though not from distance.
    • However, these storms were also severe enough to snap the boles on apparently healthy and sound pines.
    • Wind-related mortality, resulting from broken or uprooted boles, accounted for less than 50% of the mortality in relatively intact stands.
    • The neck in thickness equaled the bole of a moderate-sized tree.
    • Many larger trees showed cankered boles and parasite-bloated boughs.
    • Lichens colonize a broad spectrum of niches in the forest, including fallen boles, and mature trunks or branches of a variety of tree species.
    • Most of the identifiable woody debris was pine snags, stumps, boles, or branches.
    • The upper bole of the tree was examined for insects.
    • Having maneuvered through the boles of the blue trees of the grove and into the open plain beyond, Saffron and Hawk decided to head off in the direction of a grassy hillock they spotted about a kilometer away.
    • Ideally, avoid beehives, but be aware that Africanized bees often nest in boles of trees, old tires and junk.
    • We idle into forest cul-de-sacs, where big cypress boles emerge from dark water.
    • Here stand terrific chestnut trees with big boles of spiralled bark.
    • They were round, the size of a tangerine, and had apparently fallen from a large tree with a silvery bole.
    • The passage between the boles and branches closed about her.
    • Some support for this is seen in entombed trunks where individual trees have been partially buried and the trunk forms an expanded bole at the top of the new sediment surface.
    • Statues of the Virgin were often enriched with gold leaf, her dark face surrounded with lace carved from ash and oak boles.
    • Six long, spindly, purplish-black legs, thick like the boles of sapling trees, sprang forth and hauled up the rest of the foul thing.
    • This may be the only alternative, because there usually are no trees that survive to record successive fires as fire scars within the bole.
    • The initial concentration of the rings varied with height within the bole and the age of the tree when the ring was initiated.
    • An arrow zipped over the horse's saddle to smack into the bole of a tree.