Translation of bombardier in Spanish:


bombardero, n.

Pronunciation /ˌbɒmbəˈdɪə//ˌbɑmbə(r)ˈdɪr/



  • 1US

    bombardero masculine
  • 2

    (UK rank)
    cabo de artillería masculine
    • After World War II begins, Zinn decides to enlist in the Air Force as a bombardier even though his navy yard job would have provided an exemption.
    • At the age of nineteen, Heller enlisted as an air force bombardier in Italy.
    • At this time the bombardier instructed Tarcza to activate the bombs.
    • Another fun vehicle is the bomber, which can seat up to three people - a pilot, a bombardier, and a tailgunner.
    • The pilot had been knocked unconscious from the explosion and the co-pilot, bombardier, navigator and engineer - believing the pilot was dead - had bailed out.
    • Satisfied that his three navigators were in agreement, the pilot ordered the bombardier to pick out a mean point of impact, synchronize, and drop the bombs.
    • He went to navigation, bombardier and observer school at hot and humid Ellington Air Force Base, Texas, near Houston.
    • Rather, the aircraft dropped it as a normal bomb, then the bombardier guided its steep descent by radio remote control.
    • While they were doing so, the bombardier looked back to see that the bombs had landed for the most part in a wooded area and along a roadway.
    • Crews were being trimmed to nine because they determined it was unnecessary to have a qualified bombardier in every plane in the formation.
    • Finally, The bombardier presses a button to release the bomb.
    • The bombardier and the pilot forgot to put on their dark glasses and therefore witnessed the flash which was terrific.
    • These determined if you were accepted and also had a bearing on what training you would be funneled to - fighter pilot, bomber pilot, navigator or bombardier.
    • Cater Lee was the bombardier in Henderson's first crew, where Richard served as a co-pilot.
    • The bombardier and navigator were pleased that we had not run into anything but my spirits were low.
    • The same holds true for the cockpit and bombardier's position.
    • That evening I discussed it with our crew's bombardier, Lt. Jim ‘Pot’ Potvin, who agreed that it was worth a try.
    • Here is where we were assigned to the 96th Bomb Group, except Lewis, the bombardier, who went elsewhere.
    • The navigator wrote down the numbers of the quadrants, read them back, and then got out of the way so the bombardier could set up his racks for the bomb run.
    • Here we were subjected to another physical and now had to take a battery of tests to determine whether we would be pilots, navigators or bombardiers.