Translation of bonce in Spanish:


coco, n.

Pronunciation /bɑns//bɒns/



  • 1

    coco masculine informal
    mate masculine South America informal
    • The Brazilian could only skim it wide off the top of his own bonce; if he'd had his wits about him, he'd almost certainly have scored.
    • I particularly like the second picture, ‘During Therapy’, where Shane appears to have a small Star Wars Skimmer balanced on his bonce.
    • Men who maybe thinning on top should definitely wear one, after all not many of us (men or women) put suncream on our bonces.
    • The weather has been great so far, sunny all day, and Andy is looking a bit red on his shiny bonce.
    • The pressure of stepping out in public with a new bonce is not to be taken lightly, though.
    • And the bloke's got four strands of hair combed all the way up to cover his bonce.
    • I had the attention span of a punch-drunk goldfish with Alzheimer's and Bob was scratching his bonce and looking into his beer for inspiration.
    • It does not leave Cooper though feeling his bonce is being knocked against a brick wall.
    • That free-kick came a long, long way before it engaged Bouma's bonce, and the marking was pitiful.
    • 62 mins: Ljungberg crosses one in from the right on to Henry's bonce.
    • Someone chucked a grenade my way and the shell bounced off my bonce.
    • Have regular trims to get the bonce in shape and remember to plan ahead.
    • The only instant judgment I can make is whether the ball is heading straight for my bonce.
    • I stand back and scratch me bonce, £425 for this, is that right?
    • A helpful local in Grand Canaria offered to rub cactus juice on the aforementioned bonce, to relieve the burning.
    • The gallery steps are a popular gathering point for local youths and the statue of the Iron Duke usually has a traffic cone on its bonce.
    • No hairdresser, looking at a head of hair as thick as mine, would think that a short-all-over style would do well on my bonce.
    • He's trying to over compensate for the stuff he's losing on top of his bonce...I bet next time I go into that shop, he'll have it in a pony tail.
    • It's all about what's going on in your bonce, and you're probably saying to yourself: ‘I've have to do this perfectly.’
    • Of course, the natural question then is: ‘whose donated hair cells am I going to have fixed to my shiny bonce?’