Translation of bonkers in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbɑŋkərz//ˈbɒŋkəz/


slang, humorous

  • 1

    to be bonkers estar chiflado / chalado informal
    • to go bonkers perder la chaveta
    • Even now, mixed raced children either embrace a black identity or go bonkers trying to fit into a white society that won't accept them as one of their own.
    • Well, the outrageous Julie has always been bonkers, hasn't she.
    • The response of the Zionists was to go absolutely bonkers.
    • And, brilliantly insightful or bonkers, they'll still be worth hearing.
    • The alternative, which is of course always possible, is that half the town has gone stark, raving bonkers.
    • It would be bonkers for one council to act alone, but it would make sense if all three million people in Greater Manchester came to the same decision.
    • It'll be a real hoot to see the neighbors gawking, gasping and going completely bonkers over your capricious little caper.
    • Speaking for myself, I think Lynne must be perfectly bonkers.
    • Another excellent Orb album that will leave you sufficiently bonkers until his next release.
    • Only one of us was bonkers in this particular episode.
    • It comes as a shock to find oneself joining the ‘Dear Sir, are we all going bonkers?’
    • Well, provided you haven't gone completely bonkers and been committed, that may well be true.
    • I'm not at all surprised by this story, for Manhattan life can be very hectic, very stressful, and, frankly, very bonkers.
    • To my delight she shot me a look that said she thought I'd gone bonkers.
    • She most likely thought I was stark raving bonkers as I told the tale of my worries about leaving the gas on.
    • I have been going absolutely bonkers trying to get a doll which is absolutely-to-my-liking finished.
    • But don't get stressed out and go bonkers in the middle of Boots.
    • Good god, he really has gone stark raving bonkers, hasn't he?
    • If your neighbour's dogs barking is driving you bonkers, use a video camera to tape the mutt howling.
    • When I suggest he could subsidise lower ticket prices by putting on fewer concerts he looks at me as though I am bonkers.