Translation of bookshop in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbʊkʃɑp//ˈbʊkʃɒp/



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    • The decision was made for me as the violin quartet over in one corner of the bookstore started to play something soft and melodious.
    • Ching said that he could not find copies of the book in Hong Kong bookstores.
    • The company went public in 1992 and within two years was operating out of department stores and bookshops.
    • For places like bookstores or your corner grocer, a smile is also a great sign.
    • So as we head across to the cinema we see him coming back to the bookstore picking up books at different spots.
    • The author is to be congratulated that the book is evidently flying out of the bookshops in the shopping malls.
    • Imagine if bookstores arranged books geographically and by price, with no hint of content or author.
    • Since then Hunt has been searching used bookstores for the book but has never found it.
    • She had spent the day of release for her latest book at two different bookstores.
    • The intersection is steps away from independent bookstores, record shops, sushi joints and pubs.
    • Anyway, I scoured a few bookshops to find good books on how to do your own plumbing.
    • In general, the bookstore orders nine books for every ten students enrolled in a given course.
    • In the month before Christmas, up to 80,000 copies of the book were being sold in British bookshops every week.
    • The book could be sold in hotels and bookshops on the island and through Tourist Board offices here and overseas.
    • The idea of having a bookstore in a coffee shop is based on popular demand.
    • She said we were going to the new bookstore with the record store, so I came along.
    • Go to a bookstore and select a book that you know your spouse will like and have him or her do the same for you.
    • In the information age, it is no more necessary to hunt down bookstores or bookshops in search of knowledge.
    • Both of these books are available at bookstores and shops that specialize in bird supplies.
    • The Book is to be sold in Moscow bookshops and in other major cities in Russia.
    • Those books that were sold to the public were sold principally in department stores, not in bookshops.
    • We need to get out of our cars and out of our locked homes and into our local coffee shops, bookstores, and clubs.
    • Most of those quaint and charming bookstores have sold out to pizzerias and chain stores.
    • As the year draws to a close, a plethora of sports books is hitting the bookshops.
    • We pottered around bookstores and junkshops, and had falafels for lunch.