Translation of booty in Spanish:


trasero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbudi//ˈbuːti/



  • 1

    (person's bottom)
    trasero masculine informal
    culo masculine vulgar slang informal
    traste masculine Southern Cone informal
    • Later that night I danced with a Brazilian prince with a smile almost as enchanting as the booty he was shaking.
    • It seems the bottom - or rather, the booty - has dropped out of the hip-hop market.
    • Nobody takes up the musical/political gauntlet dropped by almost every other hip hop artist whose ego has grown fat on the booty shaking, ghetto style anthems that choke video channels.
    • Hands on the floor, she lowers her booty to the ground.
    • Other waiting participants got to line the walls of the dance competition room, and depending on their position, could watch either the screen or the booties while listening to bad music.
    • Each of the four girls of Sisterhood, even the friend with the booty bigger than everyone else's and the jock with legs no jeans ever fit, looks hot in the Pants.
    • To a rhythmic micro-sampling sensibility inspired by Akufen and a love for more esoteric sample sources à la Herbert, Crackhaus add their own sense of humour and hooks that hit you straight in the booty.
    • That one suit that makes your bust look beautiful, your stomach look stunning, your legs look long and lean, and your booty, well, bootylicious?
    • OK, I'd like to know what you need to do to have a booty like her's.
    • It's true that Scott Hall had all the skills to become world champion, but he probably lacked the self-control to actually carry the belt and put booties in the seats for any length of time.
    • Like eyes, feet, hips and booties, boobs are different on every female, Dr. Nardone explains.
    • We've got guys on bicycles who ride by squeezing booties.
    • Women in general have learned to admire men's booties, but those who hang with gay men will step it up.
    • Never failing to keep booties shaking, she's rocked parties from the VH1 / Vogue Fashion Awards to ESPN's X Games awards.
    • DJs all over the world make clubs hop, booties boogie and hearts swoon.
    • If your booty is made of stone and you like to swallow lots of dust, then most definitely take the bus!
    • And from my personal experience, a lot of men are just looking for big breasts, a big booty and a ride.
    • I have to say that I strongly disagreed with fixing the one young woman who had a big booty.
    • Their surfeit of toned booties and biceps had also ‘disgusted’ Kylie Minogue, who claimed they had been responsible for the ‘pornographing of popular culture’.
    • Bargain shop your booty off, and you'll have more dough stashed in your cargo pockets.