Translation of booty call in Spanish:

booty call

cita sexual, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbuːti kɔːl//ˈbudi kɔl/


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    cita sexual masculine
    • At first David thinks this is a booty call, but grows suspicious when Julie begins to lecture David on the consequences of sex with her.
    • This is about the one-night stands, long-term losers, maintenance booty calls and fantasy flings.
    • He knew very well that Candace's only interest was a booty call, sex with completely no strings attached.
    • I didn't want my next movie to seem like a booty call.
    • I think that is forbidden by the Christian church, though, so if you plan on being a Christian fundamentalist, get all your booty calls out of the way beforehand.
    • Jaded gay audiences may question the notion of an Internet booty call leading to love at first sight, but in this movie's daffy atmosphere of romantic pixie dust, it plays convincingly.
    • Rather than writing a bunch of gregarious, funky booty calls, White writes endearing, romantic lyrics with music that matches.
    • Either you're looking for money or wanting a booty call.
    • You're a dumped, legitimately confused guy who made a booty call and happened to tell the truth about it to someone who wasn't prepared to deal.
    • Whenever you're frustrated about something, you come by here for a booty call.
    • They begin a whirlwind romance that has them sneaking away for covert booty calls while the others work like Pharaoh's slaves.
    • And thus I reasoned that drunken booty calls were a bad idea.
    • I bet you think this is a booty call, don't you?
    • The first level of relationship that you can participate in is the booty call as was suggested by the text immediately above this paragraph.
    • I'm not a sex on the first date kind of girl, and I'm definitely not the random booty call type.
    • At the penthouse, Erica makes a booty call - and Kendall shows up.
    • But let's face it, no one's even coming through on the booty calls here.
    • Outside, Simone decides it's time for a booty call but gets Tad's voicemail - and that's hard since he's sitting next to her.
    • As far as he was concerned it was an unemotional no-strings-attached sex-based relationship, a booty call arrangement.
    • I especially love it when you act on that feeling and place the booty call… and then you pass out.