Translation of borehole in Spanish:


perforación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɔːhəʊl//ˈbɔrˌhoʊl/


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    perforación feminine
    • Then a specific place in the center of each grid has been selected for excavating the geotechnical borehole.
    • The only water available was in deep boreholes, which were situated in villages and carefully guarded.
    • Some residents risk their health by drawing water from boreholes and streams.
    • The borehole is located onshore NW Wales, a few kilometres seaward of the surface trace of the Mochras fault.
    • The deeper the borehole the greater the geological barrier and consequent safety factor but, as indicated above, there are other valuable benefits of going to the depths proposed.
    • In practice, a relatively constant flow rate can be provided to the borehole via a water pump that has a pumping head of at least 100 m.
    • Encia workmen are punching boreholes deep into the ground to suck up oily chemicals which leaked into aquifers far beneath the surface.
    • Water in all the boreholes that were sunk in the area had turned salty and the commodity could not be used for domestic purposes, not even for irrigation because the crops were drying.
    • He said the company had accepted to work on the stadium's water reticulation system which includes putting up a borehole and a water tank.
    • The tip extension would be split into sections lined with clay but Yorkshire Water is concerned contamination may leak out into nearby public water supply boreholes.
    • In more recent times, the channels of water that flow from the permanently snow-capped peaks of the high Andes have been augmented by the drilling of deep boreholes.
    • Gleneagles Hotel has managed to get a massive reduction in its water bill after threatening to dig boreholes in its grounds and create its own private water supply.
    • In extracting geothermal energy from hot dry rock, cold water is pumped down into the rock mass to pass through fractures and exit from a borehole or set of boreholes.
    • And one area that has not been recognised by many but has been appreciated by people in rural areas is the provision of clean water through sinking of boreholes and creation of dams.
    • There are five boreholes and water reservoirs with 30,000 litre-capacity.
    • Dating of the seismic reflectors in our dataset is hampered by the lack of accurately dated successions in deep boreholes in the region.
    • The community of 35 currently get their drinking water supply from a borehole next to the pier, but over the past few years the system has been prone to equipment failure.
    • This will include drilling deep boreholes at the foothills of the Auas mountains to assess the viability and storage capacity of the aquifer.
    • The site was previously occupied by a brewery, which used boreholes to provide water.
    • Such places can offer abundant supplies of heat, usually tapped by sinking boreholes and circulating water down them to collect the heat.