Translation of born in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bɔrn//bɔːn/


  • 1

    to be born nacer
    • when was she born? ¿cuándo nació?
    • to be born blind
    • she was born blind es ciega de nacimiento
    • the young are born blind las crías nacen ciegas
    • to be born lucky nacer con suerte
    • poets are born not made los poetas nacen, no se hacen
    • to be born into sth
    • he was born into a Protestant family/the aristocracy nació en el seno de una familia protestante/aristócrata
    • born into poverty nacido en la pobreza
    • to be born into the world venir al mundo
    • to be born of sb/sth
    • she was born of middle-class parents nació en una familia de clase media
    • with the confidence born of experience con la confianza que da la experiencia
    • to be born to sb
    • a child was born to them tuvieron un hijo
    • were you born in a barn? ¿es que traes cola?
    • young people today don't know they're born! los jóvenes de hoy no saben lo que tienen
    • born Jane Smith (real name) cuyo verdadero nombre es/era Jane Smith
  • 2

    to be born to sth/to + inf
    • he was born to (a life of) luxury nació para (ser) rico
    • this is the book I was born to write estaba destinado a escribir este libro
    • this is what I was born for / what I was born to do yo he nacido para esto


  • 1

    (leader/actor/musician/teacher) nato
    she has a born aptitude for teaching tiene una aptitud innata para la enseñanza
    • he's a born loser siempre ha sido y será un perdedor
    • She says she was born to teach; now she runs her own school.
    • He was born to be an actor, and when he conscientiously set himself to a task he could blend his genius with a thoroughly sound and intelligent craftsmanship.
    • "He was born to teach," says Julius, an assistant research scientist emeritus in the Department of Epidemiology.
    • He was born to break the rules.
    • Although both of them believe they were born to lead, they were able to temper their leadership desires, in order to cooperate in whatever environments they were in, Arvey said.
    • Are you a born athlete?
    • Hannah writes like a born novelist, with a calm, seductive style and an almost Chekovian vision of subtle humour and generosity.
    • He was born to serve and served his primary constituency diligently.
    • hen there are some lawyers who become judges because they were born to be judges.
    • Counting himself neither a born athlete nor a born writer, Irving resolved to work that much harder.
    • Although she was convinced early on that she was born to be an artist, she was rarely at ease with herself.
    • Are you a born investment banker?
    • Balcon felt he was born to be a soldier.
    • His classmates remembered him as a born leader, an achiever, a magnetic personality.
    • She was born to help and serve and she did not expect for any reward or recognition.
    • For a born chef, it must be nice to pour your talent into a meal, and then to see, up close, a customer's appreciation.
    • t shows teachers how to create and deliver curriculum that helps all students become the motivated, successful natural learners they were born to be!
    • Morse was not a born scientist; he was an educated man who had a love for art.
    • She was born to be a goalie.
    • Whether struggling with drugs, alcohol, or some other compulsion, this series will help people discover that they were born to be free.
    • He was a born soldier, and in the end he found his way back to his true calling.
    • He did not own anything that could make him a born leader — no birthright, no pedigree and certainly no extraordinary attributes.
    • He thrived in the training and displayed the natural attributes of a born soldier.
    • Leading work-expert Nick Williams has identified the twelve principles of the work we were born to do.