Translation of born-again in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌbɔrnəˈɡɛn//ˌbɔːnəˈɡɛn/


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    born-again Christian cristiana renacida feminine
    • a born-again monetarist un recién llegado al monetarismo
    • Warner was a born-again Christian, and he wanted everyone to know it.
    • Contrast him to his opponent Jimmy Carter, a born-again Southern Baptist, a Sunday school teacher, and brother to a prominent faith healer.
    • Ask a born-again person about his or her faith and they will probably mention their experience of the indwelling Christ and how important that is to them on a day-by-day basis.
    • I like to think that, somehow, she'd have managed, that her miraculous born-again faith would have brought comfort and hope.
    • The survey leaves all sorts of questions unanswered - not least why born-again Christians should score highly when many would say they are the same people as Evangelicals.
    • One example of this failure is the fact that most Americans, including a majority of born-again Christians, don't believe that Satan is real.
    • In the pages leading up to the novel's climax, both Cameron Williams and Chloe Stole, the most skeptical and secular of the book's protagonists, embrace Christ and become born-again Christians.
    • Protestant fundamentalists believe that shortly before the end, all the born-again Christians with true faith will be snatched up to heaven, and they call this Rapture.
    • The majority of Christians (ie, Protestants, born-again Christians, Catholics) and a plurality of Muslims oppose moving genes from one species or organism to another.
    • He was a born-again Christian and he was the choirmaster in his church and that is considered to be very, very important in Kenya: if you're a choirmaster you're a respectable person in the community.
    • Two-fifths of Republicans, born-again Christians and people with incomes less than $25,000 would take revenues away from environmental programs.
    • Thus born-again Christians and mainstream believers alike affirm both a spiritual identity and a religious identity.
    • Under the new covenant we have the born-again experience, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the body and blood of Christ, and the ministries and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
    • He personally identifies with the born-again evangelicals within his own party.
    • His born-again brother resents him, his sister-in-law looks like his mother, his ex-girlfriend has a daughter that has had as many birthdays as he has spent years away and his father had a secret den.
    • So, born-again Christians may be very successful politically, but culturally they're still under constant attack.
    • In fact, I've heard that the number of real born-again Christians may be less than half a percent.
    • Twenty years later, though, in the hands of performers who know how to sing the gospel, they are undergoing their own born-again experience.
    • Some of the theology from the songs of Dylan's born-again era is a little blunt, but his words had the same transformative power on me in 1979 as they did on my parents in the early '60s.
    • Only 9% of born-again US Christians have such a perspective on life.