Translation of borrow in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbɔroʊ//ˈbɒrəʊ//ˈbɑroʊ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(have on loan)

      the ladder/jacket is borrowed la escalera/chaqueta es prestada
      • may I borrow your pencil for a second? ¿me dejas el lápiz un momento?
      • why don't you borrow Sally's hat? ¿por qué no le pides el sombrero prestado a Sally?
      • is it all right if I borrow this chair? ¿le importa si me llevo la silla?
      • he had to borrow some money tuvo que pedir dinero prestado
      • to borrow sth from sb pedirle prestado algo a algn
      • I borrowed a ladder from Tim le pedí una escalera prestada a Tim
      • I borrowed $5,000 from the bank pedí un préstamo de 5.000 dólares al banco
      • he was living on borrowed time tenía los días contados
      • But at Storr his great achievement has been to borrow the landscape and return it to us in an entirely new light.
      • Collections also dwindle when borrowed plates are not returned.
      • Take a borrowed watch from the crowd, and stop it dead cold on demand!
      • I'll just borrow some clothes and return them later.
      • Meanwhile, retired dairy farmer Ted Dibble has vowed to borrow a horse and return to the sport if the Government's anti-hunting proposal becomes law.
      • He is an unfailingly polite Sir Edmund Hillary-esque type chap, the sort that if he ever borrowed your lawn mower would most certainly return it with a full tank of petrol and a bottle of decent port.
      • We undertake to return all borrowed equipment in the condition it was given to us.
      • In Sam's case, a borrowed shovel during a bad winter helped him to build a landscaping business.
      • My daughter thinks her borrowed outfit is great.
      • He got a truck, and he ended up borrowing a white-fleeced Levi jacket from a guy in a bar who told him he didn't look nearly redneck enough in his jeans and shirt.
      • But give it a few more listens, and they're begging to borrow the album and return it six months later.
      • No, but most shops will give you a healthy discount and a lot of designers are happy to let me borrow because I return them in the condition I received them.
      • I had accused Lils of borrowing it and never returning it, but she, of course, had claimed never to have touched it.
      • Alright, who has borrowed my camera and returned it with this picture on it?
      • As we learn later, the jacket was borrowed, as is nearly everything Tom ever wears.
      • Publisher supplied desk copies can also be returned to the Textbook Store to replace the borrowed copy as long as these books are not marked.
      • Mr O'Brien told investigators in 1975 that on the day Hoffa vanished, he borrowed a car belonging to Giacolone's son to run some errands.
      • Ripley is a lavatory attendant in 1950s Manhattan who borrows a Princeton jacket to play piano at a garden party.
      • Recovering from knee replacement surgery in Lismore Base Hospital, Elaine Avery is well aware of the need to return borrowed orthopaedic equipment when it is no longer needed.
      • This particular night, after borrowing the yellow suede jacket from my mate, I felt ready for action.

    • 1.2(from library)

      I borrowed it from the library lo saqué de la biblioteca
      • books can be borrowed for up to three weeks los libros se pueden tener hasta tres semanas
      • Though he does not have to study at the library, he comes regularly to borrow books.
      • My books are borrowed about 120,000 times a year from public libraries.
      • After breakfast I had a long shower then we walked over the hill so that i could borrow books.
      • This will be an opportunity for people of all ages to borrow books and spend time in the Library during opening hours.
      • In the past three years 25% fewer people borrowed books.
      • When her studies took her into one of my fields, heraldry, she came to borrow books from my library.
      • Space is all very well, in the right place, but people come to libraries mainly to borrow books.
      • Having been a resident in Welling since my childhood, my first borrowed book was from there.
      • Anyone who borrows a book on Friday the 13th will go into the lucky prize draw, featuring goodies donated by Casino businesses.
      • I borrowed a couple books on databases from the library so I could do some retooling, but that's about it.
      • At the end of the 20-30 minute session, mothers are able to peruse parenting resources provided by the library and borrow picture books with the babies.
      • Librarian Maureen Cusack can obtain books for anyone wishing to borrow books which are not available in the library.
      • To encourage even more children to borrow books, I organized a class library in a loft above the housekeeping area, near the book display.
      • I managed to go to the library again to borrow the book titled the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne for the tenth time this month.
      • It's like borrowing a book from a friend who has underlined the best passages for you to skim to get the guts.
      • My family will visit the library often to borrow new books to read together.
      • She pointed out that it costs nothing for teenagers to join the library and borrow books, CDs, videos and tapes from the new multimedia section for their age group.
      • She had mostly kept to herself, venturing only to the library to borrow books.
      • In the year up to March last year 1.9 million books were borrowed, including 370,000 at the central library.
      • By joining your local lending library, you can borrow several books at a time without charge, unless you return them late and get fined.

  • 2

    (idea) sacar
    (word) tomar
    to borrow sth from sth
    • an idea I borrowed from television una idea que saqué de la televisión
    • a term borrowed from German un préstamo del alemán
    • The troika notion was borrowed from the European Union.
    • The idea was borrowed from Vancouver, where a help meter in front of a store proved so popular with customers that panhandlers stopped begging there.
    • Jim did not beg, steal or borrow his business acumen - his father Seamus is the well-known Bagenalstown auctioneer and businessman.
    • Whereas some artists cop out and simply borrow a hook from an old jazz or blues record then slap a techno/trip-hop beat on it, Tobin's approach is more subtle and complex.
    • The concept is borrowed from a Munich hotel that hotel manager Enda O'Meara visited some years ago.
    • Kerry's liberalism is the liberalism of that wing; it has not been borrowed or stolen from Dean.
    • Other details were borrowed from disparate sources or simply made up.
    • Deconstructivism ideas are borrowed from the French philosopher Jacques Derrida.
    • In doing so, it may be appropriate for us to borrow some of the best practices of international firms operating in our energy sector.
    • Kamati says the idea was borrowed from a similar promotion in Europe and the response here has been overwhelming.
    • In April 2000 he was promoted to CEO and is proud of the ideas he's borrowed from Japan and elsewhere.
    • The best he could do was borrow concepts and words from other disciplines.
    • Bastian was not merely borrowing metaphors from political liberalism in order to explain Humboldt's intellectual importance.
    • Hungarian architect Zsigmund Quittner borrowed liberally from traditional Hungarian art to produce a highly decorative and modern building.
    • The script seems to revel in the simplicity of its own plot, which has presumably been borrowed from the source videogame.
    • Appropriating and borrowing things from other cultures buffet-style seems like a good way of cutting down the amount of time you have to spend hacking out the basics.
    • Once again, my coaching ideas are borrowed from great coaches and implemented in ways that I think can help my athletes.
    • Most English words were borrowed from some other language.
    • Galileo adopted some of its terminology, and according to these scholars his method in science was borrowed from that source.
    • For that song, he borrowed a hook from an instrumental track called Taj Mahal written and performed by the veteran Brazilian musician Jorge Ben.

intransitive verb


  • 1

    pedir préstamos
    pedir créditos
    solicitar préstamos formal
    solicitar créditos formal