Translation of bottleneck in Spanish:


cuello de botella, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑdlˌnɛk//ˈbɒt(ə)lnɛk/


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    (narrow stretch of road) cuello de botella masculine
    (hold-up) embotellamiento masculine
    • For those who do decide to drive, motorists have been warned of possible bottlenecks on motorway approaches and on main roads into city centres.
    • That was helped, he said, by the fact that the local authorities responsible for the roads along the route were working on seven or eight projects involving key bottlenecks and pressure points.
    • ‘York Corporation today announced a plan to close many of the city's major road bottlenecks to traffic, except for access,’ the report began.
    • Access points can become network bottlenecks.
    • The goal is to minimize bottlenecks at the access points.
    • This particular stretch of road is one of the main bottlenecks for traffic leaving the town during rush hour times.
    • That makes drug therapy hard, because we need those important bottlenecks and pivot points to aim our molecules at.
    • Another bottleneck exists on Cathedral Road when traffic exiting the Cathedral or coming along the Cathedral Road has to cope with two lines of parked vehicles and heavy trucks.
    • Once they get within a couple of miles, however, the road reverts back to two-way traffic and the bottleneck creates frustrating tailbacks lasting anything up to half an hour depending on the time of day.
    • Eyewitnesses spoke of people having to fight their way to get near the image, while roads round the temple became bottlenecks of traffic.
    • As the manufacturing sector continues to grow at a dizzying rate, this is creating a bottleneck in the fast lane of economic development and is an even more pressing problem than power shortages.
    • Location information will provide dispatch offices with information of where assets are, as well as a means by which drivers can be rerouted around traffic bottlenecks.
    • The bottleneck of the process is the passage of the constriction zone.
    • The current planning process is a real bottleneck.
    • Passengers were yesterday promised improved East Coast rail services after a bottleneck on the route was removed with the opening of a new section of track.
    • This approach to virtualization concentrates on easing data movement like replication and migration operations, and is also good at identifying system bottlenecks.
    • Many are repeat offenders creating potentially hazardous bottlenecks.
    • This section of motorway, part two-lane and part three-lane, is used by more than 90,000 vehicles a day and has been identified as a bottleneck, with severe queuing during peak periods leading to safety concerns.
    • The review should also address the bottlenecks in the planning system that are causing unnecessary delays and costs to the construction sector, the CIF said.
    • The Prime Minister today released the report from the taskforce he commissioned to examine the bottlenecks in the system.
    • The bottleneck at this point is effective clinical research that will yield reliable and replicable findings.
    • The mayor said that this section of road was a well-known bottleneck that funneled traffic from four lanes into three lanes.
    • Since I moved to Calne 28 years ago the narrow part of Curzon Street has been the main bottleneck for traffic passing through the town centre.
    • The new court will merge the criminal and central criminal courts and should clear the bottlenecks that have delayed many hearings, according to the parties.
    • But rather than be a bottleneck, the commissioning process usually helps streamline construction by improving schedules and reducing changes.
    • But, I ask you, look around and ahead of and behind you when next you are caught in a traffic bottleneck on an expressway and try to account for the snarl rationally.
    • But for those without firm contracts to the makers of the filter components, there's a bottleneck in production which might cause problems for some.
    • The package announced today will address some serious bottlenecks on the motorway and trunk road network, which currently cause major delays.
    • This bottleneck is one even police are finding difficult to handle.
    • In a pull system, the bottleneck governs the rate that patients flow through the whole process.
    • Mr Speaker, the first order of business for this government is to fully investigate this situation and remove the bottlenecks that have robbed the economy of the full benefits of these projects.
    • This would be especially good considering the almost daily South Granville Street traffic bottlenecks and gridlock.
    • The state government had decided to hand over the laboratory to the Centre in 1995, but administrative bottlenecks caused the seven-year delay.
    • According to Airslide President and CEO Marc Zionts, the first problem is to handle today's signaling bottlenecks.
    • The proposed subway is envisaged to clear the traffic bottleneck at this busy junction.
    • And executives need to deal with those people-oriented changes up front or risk delays and bottlenecks in getting e-market initiatives off the ground.
    • The traffic bottleneck at Main Street, which has forced motorists to drive onto the footpath, has been a bone of contention for some considerable time.
    • This is why older roads are turning into bottlenecks.
    • These bottlenecks can delay appropriate assignments of patients to beds.
    • One of the areas that we feel needs to be addressed on priority are bottlenecks in several entry points to the city.

transitive verb


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