Translation of bottom in Spanish:


fondo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑdəm//ˈbɒtəm/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (of box, bottle, drawer, bag) fondo masculine
      (of hill, stairs) pie masculine
      (of page) final masculine
      (of page) pie masculine
      (of pile) parte de abajo feminine
      you are at the bottom of the list estás al final de la lista
      • The other vans, a total of eight more, came to rest at the bottom of the ramp, all in a row, and released their occupants.
      • In 1997 there was a succession of astonishing Labour gains which could only be briefly noted by a red bar at the bottom of the TV screen.
      • So I threw it into the bottom of the bin and covered it with a pile of old Canberra Times.
      • They've signposted content with clear navigation and put neat section headers at the bottom of the front page.
      • The coffee has been sinking to the bottom of the container and creating an icy layer.
      • They're too tough, and the husk is still attached, and I always end up leaving them at the bottom of the container.
      • Try to keep it evenly sprinkled from the top to the bottom of the page.
      • He paused at the bottom of the stairs and surveyed all his stuff.
      • We found frequent vertical cracks cutting across all 39 sediment layers from the bottom to the top.
      • Her lazy swimming halted, and her feet found the rough surface of the bottom of the pool.
      • When I hover over a link, I expect to be able to see where it leads, simply by looking at my status bar at the bottom of the browser.
      • Bri did not dare to move until she heard his shuffling feet and tired grunts descend to the bottom of the stairs and fade into the kitchen.
      • If the Finance Sector proposition set out at the bottom of page 359 is correct, that is sufficient for our purposes.
      • He was devastated and resigned himself to a life without joy or love, choosing instead to look for his heart in the bottom of a bottle.
      • Stir it all together and then use the mixture to line the bottom of a serving dish.
      • Lightly butter the inside and line the bottom with baking paper.
      • He was standing at the bottom of the stairs, and she stood at the top.
      • Instead of covering this as if it were the top story, put it on the bottom of the front page.
      • Spread the vegetables out to cover the bottom of the roasting dish.
      • It is correctly aligned, or oriented, showing the south of the river at the bottom.
      • One trick I have learnt is to put some bulbs at the bottom of the container so they flower in spring.
      • Music is really represented all over the brain, in the left and the right; in the top and the bottom; in the front and the back.
      • Perhaps more interesting is the part at the bottom of the piece… around fifty languages have only one living speaker.
      • From the tip of the blade to the bottom of the hilt it has to be as long as I am tall!
      • In the bottom of the container there was a reservoir of water, and above it an apparatus caused electrical arcs to crackle.
      • She laid on her stomach with her feet resting at the bottom of her bed.
      • At the bottom of the front page is a box stating: ‘As always, your feedback is very welcome.’
      • Once all the wax in the bottom of the container is melted your candle is finished.
      • You can get to each section using the Table of Contents at the bottom of this page.
      • It was going to be a long trek down to where it rested near the bottom of the mountain.
      • For the wick, measure out a few more inches of string than is needed to reach the bottom of the container.
      • They traced the length of her neck, stopping to rest at the bottom of her throat.
      • Some retailers put bad or rotten fruit in the bottom of the basket.
      • The change effected appears at the bottom of page 186 and the top of 187.
      • Ensure good drainage by inserting a good layer, three to four inches deep, of gravel or shattered clay pots at the bottom of your container.
      • Rune poured the steaming tea into the cup, letting the leaves twirl around and finally rest on the bottom.
      • Then an electrical wire is run along the rod to the light bulb where it is soldered to the side and the bottom of the base.
      • The cartoon can be found near the bottom of this page in the ‘cartoons’ section.
      • Contact information is included at the bottom of the page.
      • Place broken crocks in the bottom of the planting container to ensure good drainage and add the compost mixture to the level of the base of the lowest layer of bulbs.
      • Liquids can only fill the bottom of the container while gases can fill it entirely.
      • Avoid wetting the foliage, and soak the soil until you see water draining through the bottom of the container.
      • The wide mouth of the packaging allows consumers to easily dip down to the bottom of the container.

    • 1.2(underneath)

      (of box) parte de abajo feminine
      (of bottle) culo masculine
      (of bottle) fondo masculine
      (of bottle) poto masculine Andes informal
      (of ship) fondo masculine

    • 1.3

      (of bed) pies masculine
      (of garden) fondo masculine
      (of road) final masculine
      • Mrs God would have been furious if she had found out that, after lunch, he was in the shed at the bottom of the garden tinkering with bits of disused jet aircraft.
      • Of course, the smoke did not affect their own houses because the bonfire was at the bottom of their gardens.
      • Think of British inventors and you picture lone eccentrics toiling away in a shed at the bottom of the garden, seeking to make discoveries of genius.
      • The house I might be buying has a shed at the bottom of the garden that has been used as a sculpture studio.
      • So we built an aerial runway for our creations that went from Sean's bedroom down to his dad's shed at the bottom of the garden.
      • His neighbours report that if he does exhibit any mild eccentricity, it is only his habit of spending hours locked in the shed at the bottom of his Oxford garden.
      • What goes on in the shed at the bottom of the garden?
      • Amongst the singing and chit-chat someone was asked to get something from the shed at the bottom of the garden.
      • The shed was at the bottom of the garden and it is believed whoever started the fire escaped via an alleyway running alongside the house.
      • This morning it appears that the sheds at the bottom of the gardens in this street have been burgled in the night.

    • 1.4(of sea, river, lake)

      fondo masculine
      to hit / touch bottom tocar fondo
      • earnings hit bottom in the second quarter las ganancias tocaron fondo / se fueron a pique en el segundo trimestre
      • he hit bottom when his wife died se vino abajo cuando murió su mujer
      • Many trolleys removed from supermarkets return damaged or end up at the bottom of a local lake or river.
      • Their fertile farmland now lay at the bottom of the lake.
      • A hero firefighter who pulled a young girl from the bottom of a lake was today awarded the Queen's Commendation for Bravery.
      • That's because it depends on whether the iceberg is floating or resting on the bottom.
      • We first started to notice several dead fish on the bottom of the river.
      • It is encrusted in pink algae and offers a nice contrast to the wreck, which is resting on a sandy bottom.
      • Scientists say the city was submerged at the bottom of the lake about 2,000 or 3,000 years ago for unknown reasons.
      • The first clown I buddied up with spent the entire dive hurtling between the bottom and the surface.
      • ‘I had my suspicions that there might be relics from the film at the bottom of the river,’ he says.
      • Resting on the bottom or in the sediment are wrecks, such as an oil freighter and a Spanish galleon.
      • Additional studies will determine if the rocks were laid down by minerals formed at the bottom of a salty lake or sea.
      • As I said, I have come from the bottom to the surface in a hundred-foot deep water.
      • In many areas along the shoreline, the bottom of the lake dropped off quickly to greater depths.
      • Similarly, providing a layer of river sand at the bottom of the well or depositing small bundles of charcoal in the well are beneficial.
      • The depth they cruise at varies between the surface and the bottom.
      • In addition, Thoreau notices circular heaps of stones about six feet in diameter that sit on the pond bottom.
      • Mostly the water is shallow, merely a couple of hundred meters deep, and you can always see the surface or the bottom or frequently both.
      • As there was no wind, it was quite clear from the surface to the bottom so that we could see clearly even at a distance of twenty to thirty yards.
      • A muck of built up sewage and slime sits at the bottom of the deep slow moving polluted water.
      • However, you failed to mention to the ratepayers all the chemicals that exist at the bottom of the lake.

  • 2

    (of hierarchy)
    he is at the bottom of the class está entre los peores de la clase
    • she came bottom of the class fue la peor de la clase
    • the team is lying bottom of the league el equipo está a la cola de la liga
    • she started out at the bottom empezó desde abajo
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    • 3.1(of person)

      trasero masculine informal
      traste masculine Southern Cone informal
      • At birth the newborn emerges into a world suddenly filled with sensations, including possibly a slap on the bottom.
      • But, more to the point, do we really want the old blokes of the future to have cheeks as soft as babies' bottoms; to have foreheads as smooth as velvet and, overall, to appear as rugged as a sand dune?
      • She sat in a very undignified position, with only the dusty ground on which to rest her bottom which condemned her to exceptional discomfort.
      • As Vernon explains, the slow, rhythmic grinding, bumping and shaking is great for toning bottoms, abdominal muscles, thighs, backs and arms.
      • Theorton removed his bottom from his chair and walked around his old friend.
      • Dusk extended his right leg forward and Shi rested her bottom on his leg.
      • What I'm wondering is why monkeys would pay to see monkey bottoms when those bottoms are hanging out naked to see all the time.
      • The next step is administration of rabies immunoglobulin, with half of it directly into the wound and the rest into your waiting bottom!
      • ‘My bottom was flat from sitting in planes in November and December,’ said Woods.
      • Many of them had a young baby girl smiling while sitting on her bottom in the tall grass or while teetering across a bridge or on a sidewalk.
      • The service was also superb, with the Royal Cliff's noiseless way of slipping a chair under the waiting bottom almost a trademark.
      • She shook her head and sat down on her bottom, hair falling over her face.
      • The next thing she knew, Effie was sitting on her bottom in the snow and the Indian was standing over her, holding her gun.
      • I'm totally sick of all these ads for baby products that have babies' bottoms hanging out all over the place.
      • Sensors can be fitted to various parts of the operator's anatomy - for example, to the elbows to check interior space, or to bottoms for sensing seating positions.
      • I will also require a velveteen cushion on which to rest my boil-covered bottom.
      • At the very end of this long table was a rather large chair edged with more gold upon which the king himself sat his royal bottom.

    • 3.2(of trousers)

      bajo masculine
      bajos masculine
      the bottoms of his trousers were muddy llevaba los bajos del pantalón cubiertos de barro
      • I cut strips from the bottom of the sarong and sliced slits in the waist of the bikini bottom.
      • I'm sitting in my dressing gown and tracksuit bottoms, having spent the whole day in bed.
      • Closing the basement door, she quickly changed into a pair of green pajama bottoms and a white tank top.
      • She had changed from her mini skirt into pajama bottoms and a tight-fitting t-shirt that had an unprintable logo on it.
      • She had on a two piece dress; the top was tight and cut off right above her navel, the bottom rested on her hips.
      • Do you think there's any correlation between its rise in popularity and its participants wearing bikini bottoms and sports bras?
      • It was a black bikini halter with matching bottoms, a pair of swim shorts that had floral Hawaii prints on the side and a red shirt that had the sleeves ripped off with buttons undone.
      • She still had an hour and a half, so she dressed in pajama bottoms and a shirt she stole from Vince's bag.
      • The top was tied off around the neck and the bottom was bikini style with a short flowing mini skirt over top.
      • He is 30 minutes late and hardly cuts an imposing figure, dressed shabbily in an old pair of tracksuit bottoms and trainers, polo shirt and fleece.
      • It took Emily at least twenty minutes to coax Callie from the bathroom floor, and even longer to get her dressed in a long-sleeve shirt and pajama bottoms.
      • Tracey approached the pool area, towel draped around her neck and a sarong covering the bottom of her bikini.
      • Jade was in a green bikini top with the bottom of her suit covered by a pair of blue jeans.

    • 3.3

      (often plural) (of pajamas, tracksuit) pantalón masculine
      (often plural) (of pajamas, tracksuit) pantalones masculine
      (often plural) (of bikini) parte de abajo feminine

  • 4

    (in baseball)
    parte baja feminine
    segunda feminine
  • 5bottoms plural

    (river valley)
    valle masculine
    vega feminine
  • 6also bottom gear
    British informal

    primera feminine
    in bottom en primera


  • 1

    (layer/shelf/card) de más abajo
    (mark/grade) más bajo
    the bottom left-hand corner el ángulo inferior izquierdo
    • £50 is my absolute bottom price 50 libras es mi último precio / el precio más bajo que le puedo ofrecer
    • As a first-grader at another school, she read at the bottom level of her class.
    • She goes to the fridge and from a cask on the bottom shelf pours me a glass.
    • Beside the bottom bunk was a small table with two shelves above it.
    • Danielle cut the top layer of Holly's hair shorter than the bottom layer, so the ends of Holly's hair can now be flipped out.
    • The children's books have occupied the bottom shelves where children can easily access them.
    • An unopened toothbrush and tube of toothpaste lay in the bottom shelf.
    • Cathy knelt in front of the bookcases, pulling things from the bottom shelves.
    • On the bottom shelf was the cardboard carton containing the incense sticks.
    • Caregivers are positioned at the bottom reaches of the health-care system.
    • The poor choice of song even caused her a position in the bottom 3.
    • The top two from each pool will progress to the cup competition, while the bottom two will get a second bite of the cherry in the plate.
    • Lots of students who have achieved greatness were in the bottom half of their class.
    • In some cases, pupils who had originally been in the bottom quarter of the class produced work that put them in the middle half of the class.
    • But don't forget the fine print at the bottom right of the poster.
    • Then, I sit up, with my hands pressed to a bottom board of the shelf, pushing myself upwards.
    • Living wage advocates are stepping up a campaign to ensure the benefits of prosperity extend to those at the bottom end of the income scale.
    • She grabbed the railing for support and lowered herself on the bottom step.
    • He sat down on the bottom step to the basement and she perched next to him.
    • One of the best magazines we discovered was not at Frieze but tucked away on the bottom shelf of the bookshop at Tate Modern.
    • The bottom half of the income distribution is unlikely to save for retirement in illiquid accounts on a voluntary basis.
    • You might want to temporarily cut rates for the bottom two income brackets.
    • So we decided we'd dig the whole lot out and put the bottom storey underground.
    • On the bottom layer, start with a very thin layer of jam.
    • Defrost it in the fridge in a large bowl on the bottom shelf, so the juices don't drip onto anything else.
    • Canada is increasingly divided between the few who have much and a growing bottom class that has little.
    • The share for middle and bottom income earners suffered declines of about 5 percent.
    • Coming in with 18 points, Jim had no competitors for the bottom spot.
    • He removes the bottom bin, and finds the reservoir is frozen solid.
    • So I've just put everything on the bottom shelf in the cupboard.
    • I think one of my bottom teeth is going to fall out soon.
    • A sparkling shiny piece of silver metal caught her eye from the bottom shelf of the back wall of the closet.
    • As of 2000, this top layer had an income 10 times that of the bottom fifth of families.
    • All 12 teams make the play-offs with the bottom eight competing in the best of three preliminary round.
    • Tutoring beyond first grade was made on the basis of performance in the bottom third of class level scores.
    • But the region lagged behind in wages, with most local government areas in the bottom third for average weekly incomes.
    • The base of the camera struck me and cut my bottom lip.
    • It goes to the 70 percent of the taxpayers who are in the bottom brackets.
  • 2

    (lip/part/edge) inferior
    (lip/part/edge) de abajo
    the bottom half of the page la mitad inferior de la página
    • Divided into top and bottom terraces, both provide an incredible view to the Black Sea.
    • Has the day come when now you check the computer for your cattle numbers instead of having to go down to the bottom field to do so?
    • This leads downhill and just before the bottom corner of the field is reached cross the stile on your left and enter the woodland.
    • We made our way along the bottom road that was closest to the lake.
    • The top terrace consists of a lawn surrounded by borders, the bottom terrace is a small, mown orchard.