Translation of bouncebackability in Spanish:


capacidad de recuperación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌbaʊnsbækəˈbɪlədi//ˌbaʊnsbakəˈbɪlɪti/


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    capacidad de recuperación feminine
    • The Stags have 8 days to recover and they need to show bouncebackability in the big local derby against Notts County.
    • Coming back into that series after being down and out shows their bouncebackability.
    • It's what they call 'bouncebackability.'
    • They even found a clip of a BBC weather forecaster saying "temperatures were showing good bouncebackability".
    • One local newspaper before the game remarked on what they called Dunfermline's 'bouncebackability'.
    • The Bulls have shown bouncebackability this season but Peacock is tiring of the need for regular salvage jobs.
    • It doesn't have quite the same ring to it as bouncebackability, but it's getting there.
    • For a long time it looked like bouncebackability would be the story of the day.
    • Even if we suffer a set back we have bouncebackability.
    • In football they have coined a special term for it: bouncebackability.
    • Crystal Palace will need all the bouncebackability they can muster, and despite what Iain Dowie might say, it's definitely Lucky Pants Time.
    • However, if Spurs can show the newfound spirit and bouncebackability brought in by the big Dutchman at the helm, they should be realistically aiming for the three points.
    • Kylie's bouncebackability is part of her charm though, and now in her late 30s she has become an artiste who is respected and admired by millions.
    • It already sees itself as the world's "can-do" city, and has that most attractive of qualities (if not words): bouncebackability.
    • Either way, they were both giving the distinct impression of bouncebackability.
    • But I don't think that it's Beckham's bouncebackability alone that explains our national obsession with him.