Translation of boundary in Spanish:


límite, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbaʊnd(ə)ri//ˈbaʊnd(ə)ri/

nounPlural boundaries

  • 1

    límite masculine
    within the parish boundaries dentro de los límites / los / las lindes de la parroquia
    • the boundary between fiction and fact la frontera / la línea divisoria entre la ficción y la realidad
    • before noun boundary line línea divisoria
    • This street marks the boundary between the old and new districts of the city.
    • To the west of this is Chile, with the border marking the western boundary of the national park.
    • There were fields beyond Scots Lane to the north and the cathedral marked the southern boundary.
    • A ball of light suddenly appeared on top of the massive wall marking the boundary of the city.
    • Ten points are agreed as the turning points of the boundary line.
    • A high wooded ridge that runs southward from the mouth of the Orne marked the boundary of the triangle to be held.
    • An old stone wall marks the boundary of the plot to one side, while a rocky hill and concrete wall flanks the other.
    • Grey weathered posts, with white ant mounds creeping up around them, mark the boundary.
    • Accordingly it might well be held to mark the boundary of Australia's continental shelf.
    • Meandering through the Oxfordshire countryside, the river marks the eastern boundary of the public part of the garden.
    • The boundary line for private properties is usually where the sandy area ends and the vegetation begins.
    • You know, the neighbors are one meter away, across a river or across a boundary line.
    • Work is going on all this week at the club to bring down the poplars, which line the eastern boundary of the course alongside the first hole.
    • The decision to draw the boundary according to county lines made little social, economic, or geographical sense.
    • In the picture above, the blue lines mark the boundary of the infected region.
    • Ropes will be required to mark out the boundary of the area as well as each plot.
    • Lay a hose or piece of rope on the ground to mark the boundary of your planting area, and plant within it.
    • The line came to be regarded as marking the northern boundary of the area where agriculture could be safely pursued.
    • As I understand it, not so long ago, Oxford Street marked its northern boundary.
    • Nonetheless, the boundary ditches mark a significant moment in the long history of the valley.