Translation of bouquet in Spanish:


ramo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊkeɪ//bʊˈkeɪ//buˈkeɪ//bəʊˈkeɪ//boʊˈkeɪ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of flowers)

      ramo masculine
      (small) ramillete masculine
      • Some customers had even presented her with bouquets of flowers to thank her for 20 years of service to the community.
      • When I had served the paper for ten years, I was invited to a little get-together, and was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and other things by Don.
      • Each carried a bouquet of flowers, many of them containing orange blooms as a mark of Dutch national identity, and every child stood before a grave with their head bowed.
      • At a recent function in the village's memorial hall, the residents presented her with a bouquet of flowers and £910 that had been collected in the community.
      • The Queen and the Duke chatted to local residents and received gifts and bouquets of flowers from an appreciative crowd of several hundred.
      • They wore sky blue short-sleeved dresses, and carried matching bouquets of summer flowers.
      • I was presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers, given a gift voucher to spend and someone took me round the store in a wheelchair.
      • The bride was given away by her father, Brendan, and looked stunning in an ivory wedding dress and train with bodice detail and carried a bouquet of yellow flowers.
      • She was also presented with a bouquet of flowers.
      • His wife, Essie, was presented with a bouquet of flowers.
      • Last week the students finished the course and thanked Rita for all her support by presenting her with a bouquet of flowers.
      • As a symbol of the temple's gratitude Her Majesty was presented with a large bouquet of flowers and a ceremonial sword.
      • People were throwing flowers, flower bouquets and wrapped presents on stage including a red dog collar.
      • The bride who was given away by her mother was dressed in a full length wedding gown with matching head dress and carried a bouquet of flowers.
      • Kathleen on Monday was presented with a bouquet of flowers, and treated to a meal and behind-the-scenes tour of the new-look supermarket.
      • She told him how much she had lost and two days later he arrived at her home carrying a bouquet of flowers and an envelope containing £60.
      • He loved trips to Southport to pick shells and often presented her with bouquets of flowers, picked from neighbouring gardens.
      • They wore blue slim-line dresses and carried bouquets of summer flowers.
      • Some of the older women were also presented with bouquets of flowers.
      • All three were presented with bouquets of flowers.

    • 1.2(compliment)

      elogio masculine
      flor feminine
      • Perhaps, it could well be the reason why bouquets as well as brickbats are flung with such fierce passion.
      • ‘We have learnt to live with the bouquets and brickbats, which we realise to be part of our occupational hazard’, he adds.
      • Use the comments function to throw bouquets and brickbats, if you feel like it.
      • After all the bouquets must come the brickbats.
      • Most important of all - and hardest - is not taking feedback personally: not only the brickbats, but the bouquets too.

  • 2

    (of wine)
    bouquet masculine
    aroma masculine
    • The great outdoors murders a fine wine's bouquet and strong-tasting barbecue fare ruins the restrained, delicate flavours of expensive bottles.
    • The classic metallic tang filled the air and the guards inhaled deeply as if enjoying the bouquet of a fine wine.
    • It is this aromatic compound that gives wine a fruity bouquet.
    • The fact that esters are formed at different rates, some of them reaching equilibrium only after decades, helps to explain the changes in wine aroma and bouquet during ageing.
    • I have long loved this racy, elegant, classic petrol-scented Kiwi white whose lively, grapey bouquet and racy palate delivers so much pure Riesling fruit.
    • A round mouthful of luscious mellowness, with a bouquet - a snapping reminder to the nose.
    • As a precaution, I had scented toilet paper stuffed up my nose, but the bouquet still came on like a rotten gauntlet across the snout.
    • He also showed the full house of Wine Club members just how to swirl the wine to release the bouquet.
    • Take my word for it, wine does not freshen, improve its bouquet, or open up when it is exposed to air.
    • Many cooks assume that even a bottle of wine with the bouquet of paint-stripper will transform your lamb casserole into nectar.
    • We see him snuffling drams of new wine, parsing their bouquets for ‘a soupçon of asparagus’.
    • The luscious perfumed bouquet dissipates any apprehensions, though, and prepares one for the waves of spicy yet refined flavors.
    • Magellan Gin has a supple body and an engaging bouquet laced with the aromas of citrus and spice.
    • Sipping her wine and letting the bouquet rest on her palate, Tash considered how much one could learn about people simply by getting drunk with them.
    • With other scents, it might be barely detectable yet it gives the perfume bouquet an air of mystery.
    • It features a complex bouquet laced with the aromas of cedar, toffee and freshly ground coffee.
    • As the wine warms the bouquet will become much more noticeable and the flavours apparent.
    • Having said that, the refined bouquet and taste of the finest and rarest red wines from the Old World, such as burgundy and claret, are not the bottles to choose either for hot days.
    • He watched in silence as the aficionado sniffed the paprika bouquet and stirred the velvety stew with his spoon.
    • It has a freshly scented bouquet of pared Granny Smith apples, pears and ripe berries.