Translation of bow tie in Spanish:

bow tie

corbata de moño, n.

Pronunciation /ˌbəʊ ˈtʌɪ//ˈboʊ ˌtaɪ/


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    corbata de moño feminine Latin America
    pajarita feminine Spain
    corbata de humita feminine Chile
    corbatín masculine Colombia
    moñita feminine Uruguay
    • Somewhere along the line he'd pulled off his bow tie and his dress shirt hung open, allowing wiry hairs to tickle my face.
    • Dogitt walked onto the stage wearing a top hat, a bow tie, and shiny, tapping shoes.
    • With so many treacherous players involved, the case oftentimes twisted into a puzzle that makes the Gordian Knot appear a bow tie.
    • Make sure you have your tuxedo, cufflinks and bow tie in check.
    • Complete your look with a sharp-looking pair of shoes and a bow tie.
    • I own a three-button tuxedo and bought a straight black silk tie to wear as an alternative to my bow tie, also black of course.
    • The most common form of neckwear, you can choose between a black bow tie (satin looks sleek), or matching your bow tie with your vest, if you're wearing one.
    • But, knowing gravity like a lover, he tore off, leaving the last bullet of his foe to land squarely on the knot of a half-twisted bow tie.
    • The bridegroom is able to hire his choice of morning suit or dinner suit, tuxedo, shirt and cravat or bow tie.
    • Gold is still in and the favourite for ties is the scrunch or regular tie rather than the bow tie or cravat.
    • Gerald wore typical male attire of a tuxedo with a bow tie.
    • Daryl walked out of his house and down his front steps wearing a black tuxedo with the bow tie undone as well as the top button of his shirt, holding a small red rose corsage surrounded by baby's breath.
    • As for learning how to tie a bow tie - you might be lucky and get it in one go, or it might take you weeks like it took me… Buy the tie now and practice, but get a clip-on just in case.
    • All players must be in full dress at tournaments (i.e. trousers, long sleeved shirt, waistcoat, bow tie and shoes).
    • A wing collar is found in the traditional shirt and is typically coupled with a bow tie and cummerbund.
    • This meant that this writer could leave his bow tie, tabi's, white pants and shirt at home, put on a mawashi and get in on the fun.
    • Spence, 49, was reportedly found fully clothed in a black tuxedo with a white bow tie, lying on his bed.
    • ‘No,’ he speaks in a meek voice. I release my grip and help him straighten the knot of his bow tie.
    • The powerful central figure is a classic one-button tuxedo in wool crêpe with satin lapels worn with a classic tuxedo shirt and bow tie.
    • Tossing the magazine aside, he attempted to knot his bow tie again.