Translation of bower in Spanish:


enramada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbaʊ(ə)r//ˈbaʊə/


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    enramada feminine
    • Entering the shady bower of the trees, Jerica sped down the path, pushing all thoughts of dreams and golden eyes away as she exercised.
    • The evocation of a mythic landscape recalls elements of a child's tree house and the bower in Milton's Paradise Lost.
    • And it begins there, in part, because the people we wed or gave birth to while angels sang ‘Peace on earth’ above our bowers are free to grow beyond their roles and beyond our expectations.
    • It was almost like standing in the shade and bower of a great tree; his superior size and strength did not terrify her, as had so many things of late.
    • The party dashed beneath the bowers of the first trees and all of them collapsed onto the ground, breathing heavily.
    • Nature offers to her children pleasures without end; Rosy dawns and golden sunsets, fields and forest bowers; Hills, mountains, streams and meadows, gardens, birds and flowers.
    • And in the bowers of the fields and verges, we hear them in our restless sleep, in mirth.
    • A bower of stone was constructed around a thick linden tree.
    • They are framed by a bower of leafy trees, a placid lake and a glorious orange sunset.
    • Like the gardens and bowers from which it borrows its imagery, it is a place of ‘arrest,’ cut off from the world but paradoxically containing all the world in its ‘essentials,’ purified by the imagination.
    • The daytime temperature reached ninety degrees, and the feverish Clark was moved from the stifling leather lodge to a more comfortable shaded bower the crew made for him.
    • Ayamu had been tempted to remove it, but for had decided to spare the tree, for it would serve as a bower for the vine he had brought with him from his farm in the Nile Delta.
    • A bridge over a stream leads beneath a bower of pink roses into a frothy maze of flower-strewn pathways and rose-covered arbours.
    • There are a great many mountains, valleys, streams, villages, caves, residences, grottos, bowers, fields, high roads, low roads, and along them the Hobbits and their larger companions travel while paying great attention to mealtimes.
    • Washington's secluded bower in the woods is similar to Wordsworth's natural ‘place’ of liberated selfhood.
    • The sand here is stabilised by conifers but the suntrap path was illuminated by heavy bowers of broom and numerous orchids white to deepest purple.
    • Though critics have proposed that this description evokes the coal's origins, the depiction of the primordial forest also stems from Endymion's forests and bowers, the bowers that I have noted foster desire.
    • The spring appeared in a bower of roadside greenery.
    • Larin and his followers made their way to a bower that had apparently been crafted from living trees, bent patiently so that they grew to form a large house.
    • The fast growing willow can be fashioned into a wide variety of garden features, such as bowers, arches and screens, and the technique is simple and easy to learn.
    • The gardens are still evolving as volunteers continue work on a nature pond and willow bower.