Translation of braai in Spanish:


asar a la parrilla, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbrʌɪ//braɪ/

transitive verb

South African

  • 1

    asar a la parrilla
    asar a la brasa
    • Just outside the pub, in Quartz Street, is The Braai & Meat, a small outdoor restaurant, with happy customers tucking into pap and braaied meat.
    • Poking fun at the crumbling edifice of Afrikaner culture, subverting the images, distorting the holy icons and braaing the sacred cows, bitterkomix creators Joe Dog and Conrad Botes do what they do best - make comics.
    • At midday, you can join the bugs for lunch, and sink your teeth into braaied mopane worms, grasshoppers dipped in chocolate, or spicy termites.
    • They covered topics such as measures to take when storing food at room temperature, and how to handle and braai meat in open areas to ensure that food is not contaminated.
    • Instead of braaing chops and buying carbonated beverages by the gross, the new trend is whole food, waters, juices and teas, as well as time spent ‘relaxing’ in a gym.
    • She prepares pap, rice, ‘idombolo’ and soup at home and braais chicken and beef on a gas stove at the stadium because ‘the tantalising smell of braaiing meat drives hungry supporters mad and entices them to sample my cuisine’.
    • Visitors to the new beach in Walvis Bay will have the chance to braai their meat, a favourite with the Namibian public.
    • These antelope bones appeared to have been braaied - or to use a word more commonly understood outside South Africa, the hominid bands sheltering in these caves seemed to have enjoyed regular antelope barbecues.
    • On the menu this week are braaied mopane worms and spicy termites at Wits, plus the Wits Choir, a bird fair, UJ's new gallery opening, Joburg's great shops, hiking, art, and walking The Wilds.
    • We all know that cows, sheep and pigs are quite happy to be chopped up and braaied or fried with a green salad on the side, but when it comes to the smaller mammals, you have to do your homework.
    • He told how he and fellow young boys used to steal pigs, slaughter them and braai them in the bushes.
    • And if there is still space after a goat head one may want to try Shakukuta place, where they specialise in braaing chicken.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer barbacoa
    hacer parrillada
    hacer asado Latin America