Translation of brace in Spanish:


abrazadera, n.

Pronunciation /breɪs//breɪs/


  • 1

    abrazadera feminine
    • Moonlight spilled from the tower's crosshatched iron braces and, pooling at the foot of the steps, seemed to invite me up.
    • Again, two crossbeams with camel's hump-shaped braces support the roof truss, and there is no king post.
    • Nail in the braces with 6 or 8-penny common nails; drive the nails halfway down so you can remove them easily later on.
    • Stiffening in the other vertical plane is added by diagonal braces between the lattice girders on both gable walls.
    • A short, stout man, solidly built like a timber brace came out the big tent with a flourish.
    • For large repairs, build a wooden form and hold it in place with wooden braces, bricks, concrete blocks, or similar heavy objects.
    • Once the cap plate is in place you can remove the temporary braces.
    • If diagonal braces are attached to the window to keep it square, leave these in place until the window is installed.
    • You may also consider installing poles across a portion of the ceiling for hanging plants, or employing wall braces.
    • Complete the main frame by adding the two handle braces, the plywood floor, the roost bar and the nest box.
    • All members with the exception of the collar ties and wind braces are mortised and tenoned together with long tapered pins that secure the joints.
    • They were shackled to the metal braces of the building brace.
    • The gable braces along the exterior and the trim around all the windows help define the house.
    • When building the legs and braces that support your workbench, don't use finished lumber!
    • Reposition the fabric-covered cornice and reattach the braces to the cornice.
    • Place the cornice against the wall so it fits around the braces you installed when making the cornice.
    • Attach braces to table top with 4-inch screws from below.
    • In addition buy a package of four corner braces.
    • Apply a bead of sealant on the backsplash, push the counter against the wall, and attach the top from below with screws installed through cabinet corner braces.
    • Once you have it exact, nail some temporary cross braces from the ledger to the joists at an angle to keep the joists in place.
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    • 2.1

      • He comments on my smile, how straight my teeth are without braces, and how white they seem.
      • He was wearing glasses and had his hair spiked up, and Christy caught the glint of braces on his teeth.
      • Taller than the others, she had braces on her teeth.
      • My parents put braces on me to straighten my teeth, and in those days that was like wearing barbed wire in your mouth.
      • Children whose teeth fall out early due to decay, may not have straight adult teeth and require a dental brace.
      • This is a frame with wires that come out of your mouth, attaching your brace to a headband.
      • Brackets, wires and braces can trap food and cause more plaque than usual to build up.
      • The second phase consists of the removal of extra teeth, the insertion of dental implants if teeth are missing, and the straightening of teeth using braces.
      • This sounded like an urban legend at the time, but track writers agreed at the time that they had never seen so many adults suddenly wearing braces on their teeth.
      • It is used for canker sores, mouth ulcers resulting from chemotherapy and irritation from braces or dentures.
      • As a child, I had asthma, wore corrective shoes, had braces on my teeth, wore eyeglasses and was labeled as dyslexic.
      • This is more likely to happen if you find it difficult to clean your teeth properly, for example if you wear braces, have dentures or have irregularities in your teeth that you can't reach with a toothbrush.
      • What once was a symbol of preteen anguish - a mouth filled with metal wires and braces - has become a relic of the past.
      • When teeth are not lined up properly in the mouth, you may need to be fitted with a brace.
      • He dutifully screamed, exposing the braces gilding his teeth.
      • And if you've had braces, wisdom teeth can make straight teeth crooked.
      • We were both wearing braces on our teeth so let's just say it was shocking!
      • I suddenly felt embarrassed to have braces on my teeth.
      • Whether you're looking to perk up your tooth color or straighten without braces, there are more options now - for every budget - than ever before.
      • Your child will be asked to put on a hospital gown and to remove any loose orthodontic braces, false teeth and jewellery.

    • 2.2Medicine

      aparato ortopédico masculine
      • Mild cases of CSM can be treated with neck braces or neck traction, but it's not clear if these treatments help in the long run.
      • Traditional and conservative treatments include bed rest, ice followed by heat therapy, medication regimens, braces, and physical therapy.
      • Mr Hill was shaking with shock and reaction and taken to hospital with a neck brace, though doctors later decided he had no broken bones.
      • The teenager was seen lying on the ground not moving and wearing a neck brace before ambulance crews took him away.
      • There can be problems with the length of time your child is required to wear the brace and the embarrassment it may cause.
      • I had a halo brace fitted to my body basically, which resembled a human building site for about six weeks.
      • McAllan, who has just returned to the sport after being out for nearly a year following knee surgery, will spend the next six weeks in a body brace.
      • He is expected to wear a neck brace for six to 12 weeks and his physical therapy will begin after he recovers from the concussion and neck injury.
      • Many children with cerebral palsy have problems that are in the middle range of severity and may need ongoing therapy and devices such as braces or wheelchairs.
      • Knee braces are supports that you wear for a painful or injured knee.
      • Specialist equipment such as splints, callipers and braces can help with paralysis and contractures.
      • Roberta had been using the laptop during the school day to help her with her work because of a medical condition which forces her to wear a body brace and restricts her ability to write at a desk.
      • Wearing a neck brace because of chronic back pain, Anwar walked into his home with dozens of police and prison guards.
      • He called 911 and they came immediately, placing a brace around my neck and put my lifeless body on a board.
      • Pain medicines, back braces, and physical therapy may also be used.
      • There's a role for braces and other supporting devices when rehabilitating an injury.
      • Emergency crews had to fit a neck brace to the injured woman and push the Cavalier back on to its wheels before she could be rescued.
      • As the paramedics lifted his body onto the stretcher and applied a neck brace Kim was held back by the police.
      • I suddenly remembered my fall as they placed a neck brace on me, then my body on a backboard.
      • Nutritional supplements, braces, exercise, medication, and heel wedges are some of the new treatments available, according to the release.

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    berbiquí masculine
    brace and bit berbiquí y barrena
    • The head on the bit braces should be mounted on the ball bearing so it will turn easier from the rest of the brace.
    • As with so many other pre-nineteenth century tools, we have much to learn about early braces, their designs, and their fabrication.
    • The tool also includes a means for rotating the cutting edge, usually using a brace or bit stock, a wrench, or a handle.
    • A Hudson brace and Gigli saw are used to perform a basic craniotomy, and the cost of these items is minimal compared to the cost of a power drill.
    • He presented a broad overview of bit history and discussed many types of boring tools for the brace, including several types of bits.
  • 4braces pl

    • 4.1British Clothing

      (masculine plural) tirantes
      (feminine plural) cargaderas Colombia
      (masculine plural) tiradores River Plate
      (masculine plural) suspensores Chile
      • Today I went into town to purchase a pair of braces (the ones I got are in red) for a 4 year old.
      • Farm labourers stand on top of the thrashing machine in shirt sleeves and braces, waiting for work to begin.
      • R.L. comes lumbering out onto the porch, looking old and tired, wearing mud-smeared trousers held up with braces and a checked shirt fraying at the collar.
      • It was the heady days of the late 1980s, the days of sharp suits, slicked back hair and red braces over striped shirts.
      • Half a dozen elderly men with huge trousers and big braces watched avidly, but with little emotion.
      • There were bowler hats, striped shirts, braces, dress-suits and stilettos jostling past us on all species of worker, all entirely intent on their destination.
      • The tight fitting black and white clothing is quite the opposite of the clowns colourful baggy trousers with braces, and giant floppy shoes.
      • He is wearing a chocolate brown moleskin suit, a dark shirt and tartan clip-on braces, one of which has come adrift.
      • I passed an old man wearing cloth cap and braces and riding a totally rusted bike.
      • He is a typical city boy, red braces, no socks and plenty of arrogance.
      • He's wearing a white shirt with a stiff collar, black trousers with braces, and dancing shoes with leather spats.
      • The display cabinets house socks, handkerchiefs, underwear, braces, belts - I am sure there are drawers and drawers of treasures beneath hiding away.
      • On the door was a man who looked like he was trying to emulate a 30s movie star - blue suit, very high pulled up trousers with red braces, round thick rimmed glasses, bald.
      • He joked: ‘When I bought my new suit I needed braces to keep the trousers up - now they keep themselves up because I have put on a stone and a half.’
      • It goes beyond the cliche of the braces and striped shirts to expose a dangerous and compelling side to the world of international futures trading.
      • He's smiling, comfortable, in his sixties - wearing a whiter-than-white shirt, black braces looped over his shoulders.
      • He wore a bowler hat, white shirt, trousers and braces like the main character and would become aggressive and menacing when he played the film music.
      • Visit the store and you will find a wide range of shirts, socks, belts and braces to go with the trousers.
      • At work he wears tailor-made suits, smart shirts and braces.
      • Then the scene changed to an office where a fat black police chief in shirt sleeves and braces was holding a polystyrene cup of coffee and cursing to himself.

    • 4.2Dentistry

      (masculine plural) aparato(s)
      (masculine plural) brackets
      (masculine plural) frenos
      (masculine plural) fierros Peru Mexico
      (masculine plural) frenillos Latin America

  • 5plbrace

    par masculine
    they took home two brace of pheasant cobraron dos pares de faisanes
    • Early January also saw the birth of a brace of goats and a couple of antelopes.
    • The saloon deck was a Noah's Ark of Labradorians: there were Celts two by two, pairs of Indians, a brace of hunters and thick, hot knots of Inuit and icemen.
    • Take one unpopular president, a brace of struggling statesmen and a couple of global summits.
    • The gap was still one hole at the turn, after a brace of deuces at the short ninth from Westwood and Haas.
    • Fishing a groundbait feeder, and alternating worm and red maggot hookbaits, he took a brace of skimmers plus three roach for his winning 3lb 15 oz.
    • I had a pretty dinner for them, viz. a brace of stewed carp, six roast chickens and a jowl of hot salmon.
    • There's only one good way to cook a brace of coneys.
    • The morning after he is nominated for a brace of Oscars (script and direction) for Vera Drake, Mike Leigh is holed up in an unremarkable office in a London side street.
    • Having shown good pace all weekend, the speedy young Malaysian was understandably disappointed to come away from Thruxton with just a brace of 11 th place finishes.
    • Kieran O'Callaghan added a brace of points, but Monaleen were determined to have the last say, with Pat Carroll and Dave McAuliffe finding their range.
    • There was a brace of hot, salty little birds to pick up and chew.
    • A brace of £60,000 races highlight a cracking card at Haydock, where Time Ahead will surely take all the beating in the bet 365 Lancashire Oaks.
    • The 31-year-old scored a brace of goals two seasons ago as Blues completed the double over their bitter rivals.
    • The only other possible impediment to romping home with a brace of seats in the next general election would be if they were to be generally held responsible for the collapse of the peace process.
    • Ketheral looked around the inside of the armory, picked up a chainwhip, a normal whip, a brace of throwing knives, and a couple of shields.
    • While Breen, fresh from a brace of wins last weekend, made the seven-horse jump-off, two down with Old Town Katie ensured he did not augment his points tally.
    • A brace of ptarmigan flutter away for dear life.
    • Writing throughout his sideman career, the guitarist found himself with a brace of songs that reflected not only his love of rock, but also his interest in other types of music.
    • She took Wolf's arm and inserted herself into a file of carts, getting in front of a brace of mules whose driver cursed her, but whose whip was too short to reach her neck.
    • Among the groups and couples were a brace of men eating in appreciative silence at tables for one - something I've always thought is a sign of a top kitchen.
  • 6

    llave feminine
    corchete redondo masculine
    • Seldom used in ordinary writing, brace or curly brackets are common in mathematics and other formulaic usage, where they serve to enclose complex sets of symbols.
    • Chapter 1 covers what a LaTeX command does - the meaning of all those backslashes and curly braces.
    • The 10 proposed novel evolutionary groups are indicated by braces to the right of the groups.
    • These breaksite hotspot clusters are indicated by braces in Fig 3.
    • Note that parentheses indicate faces, whereas braces indicate forms.
    • This is shown in Figure 7 with the brace indicating the route segment with shorter signpost spacings.
    • Whatever you choose, put the appropriate word between curly braces.

transitive verb

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  • 2

    (place firmly)
    (hand/foot) afirmar
    (foot/hand) apoyar
  • 3

    he had his teeth braced le pusieron aparatos / frenos (en los dientes)

reflexive verb

  • 1

    to brace oneself for sth prepararse para algo
    • brace yourself, John won the prize agárrate, John se ganó el premio

intransitive verb


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    to brace for sth prepararse para algo