Translation of bracket in Spanish:


corchete, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈbrækɪt//ˈbrakɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1Printing

      corchete masculine
      to open/close brackets abrir/cerrar corchetes
      • in brackets entre corchetes
      • curly brackets corchetes redondos
      • Suddenly, nicely rounded figures like e19,000 were appearing in the price columns, with the figure in punts in brackets adjoining.
      • Some of the dates listed are separated by brackets and are a good illustration of the various contradictory claims made by members of the Abashiri group.
      • In the following summary a coupling ratio of 4 has been used with the figures in brackets corresponding to a coupling ratio of 4.7.
      • In this and subsequent figures, brackets identify major groups of seed plants.
      • The numbers in brackets are the marks that were written in the margins of the Gersaint catalog.
      • The figures in brackets are arrived at classifying the most common Italian openings into these three groups.
      • For a literal translation of the Ahadith, the words within brackets should be omitted.
      • The words in brackets indicate the opinion presented by the computer in Versions 2 & 4.
      • One of the fibers that compose the TDT is marked with a bracket.
      • If members look at the clause, they will see that it has the word ‘New’ written there, then, in brackets, the word ‘unanimous’.
      • So is it possible to get real outcomes when we're talking about so many people, so many words, so many brackets around sentences and the like?
      • The numbers according to the older 64-section scheme are given in brackets though not used.
      • If we take the words in brackets which are not contested, that leaves really two points in the section.
      • The figures in brackets identify the UK's ten biggest mortgage lenders.
      • Total available marks are given in brackets, followed by the marks actually awarded.
      • For each of the top poets, the number of votes obtained is given in brackets after his or her place number.
      • The figures in brackets are the maximum to which the ship can be upgraded.
      • The words in brackets, ‘ignoring the possibility of an appeal out of time with permission’, point to such an application being different in kind.
      • How refreshing it is to see that most of the adverts for farmland are given in acres often with the hectarage given in brackets.
      • The third column contains pitch pairs in brackets.

    • 1.2British (parenthesis)

      paréntesis masculine
      to add sth in brackets agregar algo entre paréntesis

  • 2

    before noun income bracket banda salarial feminine
    • the best car in this price bracket el mejor coche dentro de esta gama de precios
    • his work is difficult to put in any particular bracket su obra es difícil de catalogar
    • the 25-30 age bracket el grupo etario de entre 25 y 30 años
  • 3

    soporte masculine
    (for shelves) escuadra feminine
    • He himself had tiny concerns about the accuracy of his numbers and the possibility that the weight and limited angular freedom of the supporting brackets would somehow cause a problem.
    • At the top of the stairwell were two great wooden doors, possibly with some sort of carving on them, though it was hard to see in the dim half-light cast by the torches, which hung in brackets along the walls.
    • Use wall mounted baskets attached to shelf brackets for an attractive shelf that can hold bathroom supplies or home office paperwork.
    • She had even taken the precaution of chaining the baskets to brackets on the outside wall of her house, but the thieves still managed to take them.
    • Two unlit torches were attached to brackets in the wall either side of the sacred flame.
    • This corridor was lit only be well-spaced torches burning in brackets on the walls, rather than the ornate oil lamps that hung from the ceilings of the more public parts of the palace.
    • One of York's free-standing gas lamps in the small road off Lawrence Street was to be replaced with an up-to-date electric mercury discharge lamp attached to a wall bracket.
    • Aside from these there were some miscellaneous mounting brackets / supports, thermal compound, and some screws.
    • Even failure to fix a loose slate, or remove a wall bracket for hanging flowers could land a homeowner behind bars, according to official warnings sent to householders in Co Meath.
    • The combination of features were that you have a wall bracket which is U-shaped, it screws directly onto a wall, and then there is a support bracket, also U-shaped, which folds down.
    • The C&O used portable dual Mars lights on the forward end of its RDC's, hanging them on a bracket attached to the door and powered via an extension cord.
    • Check the deal you are offered, as wall mounting brackets can add several hundred euro to an attractive price.
    • We are reviewing all the brackets which support the lights to assess whether they are acceptable.
    • The seven companions were left in silence - the only light stuttering from oily torches in brackets along the walls, as there were no windows.
    • The store would be one of only a handful across the country selling shelves, brackets and other DIY items throughout the night.
    • An adhesive strip on the back wall attaches the bracket to the support surface.
    • It is ornately Victorian in design and comes with a pair of brackets so that it can be attached to a wall.
    • A bracket on the wall beside a window, still with its adjustment screw, remains of where Gregory's telescope was set up.
    • There was a firepit for warmth in Winter, and brackets on the white-painted walls which held oil lamps.
    • On the center lamp the decorative arm brackets are modeled on both sides.

transitive verb

  • 1

    poner entre corchetes
    (in parentheses) poner entre paréntesis British
  • 2

    she has been bracketed as a romantic se la ha catalogado de romántica
    • you can't bracket these two cases together no se puede equiparar estos dos casos