Translation of braid in Spanish:


trenza, n.

Pronunciation /breɪd//breɪd/


  • 1US

    (of hair)
    trenza feminine
    she wears her hair in braids se peina con trenzas
    • When my hair was long, I put it in braids or a ponytail.
    • Her hair hung in braids, almost like cornrows, but prettier.
    • The woman who swept the stone courtyard wore a traditional Tibetan gown, trim and dark, and had plaited her raven hair into a thick braid.
    • She was tall and skinny, with her blonde hair in two braids on either side of her head.
    • I plaited my hair into a thick braid and secured it with a stray thread from the hem of my skirt.
    • Keep your look fresh and simple when it comes to your hair, says celebrity hairstylist Oscar James, who advocates braids and twists.
    • Senegalese sisters, eager to weave braids into the hair of women and men, spill from the salons.
    • Many Otavalo men wear their hair in long, black braids.
    • A pleasant breeze came in blew strands of hair our of my braid.
    • She had strawberry blonde hair in twin braids, and had the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen.
    • She has black curly hair pulled back into a braid with loose strands pinned back with those bobby pin things.
    • Her veil off, Shouket wore her hennaed hair in a long braid.
    • Lately I've been wearing my hair in millions of braids or I'll take them out and wear the afro God gave me.
    • We'll see many more cornrow-inspired looks than individual braids, Amos says.
    • I wore the dress, white tights, black ankle boots and had my hair in braids.
    • It is ideal for natural textures (in loose states, not in braids, twists or locks) or overprocessed hair.
    • To frame the face - and produce a natural-looking hairline - she attached the hair with tiny braids at the root.
    • As you methodically create the braids direct the braided hair forward towards the front of the face.
    • She shook her head to physically remove the thoughts from her mind, and she set about plaiting her hair into a braid, tying the end with a pale purple ribbon.
    • She styled the remaining hair into four-strand braids and then unbraided the ends to create wavy strands.
  • 2

    (on clothing)
    galón masculine
    • An embroidered cotton upper garment, the valanka, is embellished with tufted fringes and braid along the seams.
    • A set of cheap white hand towels can be made unique by the addition of colored ribbon or braid sewn approximately 3 inches from each end.
    • Alongside her on the top deck of the Antarctic survey ship HMS Endurance, stood the Duke of Edinburgh in the uniform of Admiral of the Fleet, encrusted with gold braid.
    • She'd some slate colors in her possession, and I had worn one of the gowns, trimmed with gold braid.
    • The dashboard is decorated in purple velour and gold braid, protected from dust by a fitted polythene cover.
    • Names that fit us like oversized coats, trimmed in seed pearls, gold braid, and the hides of baby seals.
    • There was a vivid contrast between the splendour of the gold braid and decoration of the uniform and the jagged holes from the bullet which took Nelson's life.
    • They could even spin very fine silk threads and weave these into decorative braids, although it is more likely that they only ever saw the thread rather than the raw silk fibres.
    • No one but Michael Jackson wears knee breeches and gold braid anymore.
    • He wore a tall black hat trimmed with gold braid, a black swallow tail coat with a white silk lining, white knee breeches and black, silver buckled shoes.
    • Although the origin of the word is unknown, an inkle is a coloured tape or braid similar to the braids produced in tablet weaving.
    • He was a leader, represented by his standard and his throne-like stool, and perhaps the item worn around his neck decorated with gold braid.
    • I was surprised, by actually liking the way linen print and cotton braid looks when knitted up.
    • As charming as he is savvy, Abu Hattem cuts a dashing figure, invariably dressed in immaculate robes covered by a thin brown cloak edged with gold braid.
    • An army officer's ultimate posing outfit is, of course, his dress uniform, made to measure while at Sandhurst and decorated with lots of shiny brass buttons and gold braid.
    • She wears all black, except for a cap edged in gold braid.
    • For festive occasions, unmarried women wear small red felt caps adorned with gold braid, and married women don large white hats with starched wings.
    • Standing atop one of them, with his back to her, was a man wearing a dress blue Navy uniform with yards of gold braid banded around the sleeves.
    • Elegant satin and silk coverings with braid and lace can cost quite a bit.
    • He was around 12 years old, a mop of blond hair and dressed like a Harrods bellboy in red outfit and gold braid.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (hemp/silk) trenzar
    she braided her hair se trenzó el pelo
    • Hair care practices, such as braiding hair too tightly, can cause hair loss.
    • He was in Prince Albert's 11 th Hussars, and cut quite a dash on horseback in his crimson trousers, braided tunic, tassels and plumes.
    • The hair was braided at the roots, and then set on rods using setting lotion.
    • Then we used yarn, raffia, feathers, beads, felt and sticks, either sewn, stapled, glued, braided or wrapped.
    • Chinese men were forced to braid their long hair into a queue or ‘pigtail’.
    • Nevertheless, when she tells her story, many years later to one of her grandchildren, the freed Dessa Rose recalls her mother braiding her hair and her love for Kaine, events that precede the escape adventure.
    • When Margaret tried to braid her own hair, loose strands always refused to be captured, and made a halo around her pale face.
    • The hair was braided from temple to the crown, and then styled in a crisscross pattern.
    • For certain festivals, e.g. Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, the challah may be rounded rather than braided.
    • Begin braiding the hair by placing the left section over the right, right section over the left.
    • If he'd played in that game he would have had his lone cap, tasselled and braided with the gold S v E.
    • Round the vast trunk he wraps a rope that he braided from cowhide.
    • The chief biological function of hair is - well, I'm told that it's complicated, but surely the function is not served by braiding hair or dying hair.
    • He also prepares the meals, washes dishes, sometimes does the laundry - and even braids hair.
    • I fastened the chain in the back and ran a brush through my hair quickly, braiding the hairs at my temple back, and leaving the rest down.
    • Some women came from as far away as Connecticut, six hours away, to have their hair braided by Cornrows & Co.
    • She continued in my hair, and by closing my eyes, I could almost imagine it was my mother behind me, braiding my hair as I used to wear it when I was young.
    • Do you have any friends who are good enough at braiding hair to get paid for it?
    • I opened the door and she was sitting on her bed, braiding her hair.
    • Fresh, they are delicious, and braided, they last through most of summer, even with a wife who can work garlic into just about every recipe short of dessert.
    • Chelsea was braiding Andrea's hair in a million little tiny braids, while Andrea had already done a fancy updo on Chelsea.
    • The stalks of wheat could be spun and braided into many useful things.