Translation of brain in Spanish:


cerebro, n.

Pronunciation /breɪn//breɪn/


  • 1

    cerebro masculine
    the human brain el cerebro humano
    • Scientists have identified a gene variation that sparks heightened activity in our brain's fear centre.
    • Surgeons must now carry out a strict assessment before patients undergo surgical procedures on tissues such as the brain, spinal cord, eye, spleen and tonsils.
    • More possibilities lie ahead for heart patches and repair of the dura mater tissue that protects the brain and spinal cord.
    • This occurs as a result of damage to soft brain tissue when the brain rattles against the skull.
    • This edema affects many organs, including the brain, kidneys, liver, and lungs.
    • When this occurs, the swollen brain tissue will push the other contents of the skull to the side.
    • This can change the activity of certain nerve cells and influence brain activity.
    • The movements your muscles make are coordinated and controlled by the brain and nervous system.
    • Stem cells are harvested from bone marrow, umbilical cords, the brain and spinal cord and other tissues.
    • Moreover, while dressing game, hunters expose themselves to the most infectious tissues, the brain and spinal cord.
    • Nervous tissues such as the brain, spinal cord and ganglia seemed to be the main sites of viral replication.
    • This may result in a blockage of the cerebrospinal fluid, the fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord.
    • Each individual radiation beam is too weak to harm the brain tissue it passes through.
    • The tumor was located in the pineal gland and was well demarcated from the surrounding brain tissue, especially from the cerebellum.
    • Fish are vertebrates, with a brain, a central nervous system and pain receptors all over their bodies, including the lips.
    • Once in a child's bloodstream the lead travels to the brain, soft tissue and bones.
    • In multiple sclerosis, the immune system attacks the brain and nervous system.
    • They also learned various ways to identify the diseased brain tissue that causes seizures.
    • It is a precious tissue like the nervous tissue of the brain, spinal cord and heart muscle, as it cannot heal like the other tissues.
    • Primary brain tumours may arise from several different kinds of tissue.
  • 2

    she's got a good brain es muy inteligente
    • his brain is still as agile as ever la cabeza le sigue funcionando perfectamente
    • to be bored out of one's brain estar aburrido como una ostra
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    (clever person)
    cerebro masculine
    the best brains in the country los mejores cerebros del país
    • Morgan, an apparently irascible old codger, is quite literally the brains of the outfit.
    • While Pita may have the brains, lets hope he has a good team that guides him in the political gamesmanship he will face.
    • I suspected that she was the brains of the outfit.
    • It wasn't like he was the brains of the operation, but he was a figure to be reckoned with.
    • Gale was the brains of the group - the only one with at least half a brain and the mind to use it.
    • Ansett liberated them from the old firm and set them up in KordaMentha (putting the brains of the outfit up front there).
    • The progressives have the brains and the moral highroad.
    • Westwood and McLaren were viewed differently - he as the brains and she the workhorse.
    • ‘Genie’ Dukkha was the leader; the brains of an outfit which admittedly could hardly be mistaken for Mensa.
    • Could this be the big mo for Ben, Mena and Anil, the brains and the energy behind Typepad and Movable Type?
    • It's time to ask Tommy Champion, the brains and energy behind this event some questions.
    • It seems that Campbell may have been the brawn and the brains of their outfit.
    • Catherine Ring was the brains behind The Newspaper Headlines from the past.
    • As Toti remarks with a pinch of irony: ‘Nell's the brains, I'm the brawn.’
    • Paldawar was the brains of this outfit, not Dain.

transitive verb


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    romperle la crisma a informal
    I'll brain you if you don't shut up! ¡te rompo la crisma si no te callas! informal
    • You could brain someone with this book: practically a cube, and over 1,000 pages, it could really do some damage.
    • He then jumped into the crater with a knobkerrie and had brained another of the enemy when he was himself struck through the shoulder by a bayonet.
    • In these streets he met Anitus, the king of the country, and brained him with his club, which was the fashion among gentlemen in those days.
    • Thanks also to the projectionist for switching off his radio before someone got up to brain him.
    • My old man had nearly brained himself trying to install the heavy rope on the limb of an old box elder.
    • A metal bucket fell from the sky, braining the nearest bug.
    • You just had a mother, who home schooled her kids, sent to the loonie bin after she brained two of them.
    • In the Old Testament, two teenagers can't live together without one braining the other.
    • Chairs had long ago been removed when one of the (now former) owners had been brained with one in the middle of one of Hvit's constant brawls.
    • As he burst in the door, Mrs. Luthor nearly brained him with the poker from the fireplace.
    • And in the morning when I looked at him, I asked what he was in for, it seemed that he'd brained his superior officer with a rifle butt.
    • You don't brain the guy so you can steal the pipe.
    • Say the child found the kitchen and brained him/herself with a toaster by pulling on the cord.
    • I really thought he was going to brain me with his mighty fist.
    • Somehow or another all concerned manage to avoid braining each other with guitars, mic stands and various other musical impedimenta.
    • That's when I stopped what I was doing, got out of bed and brained the one in the red pyjamas with my alarm clock.
    • Girls that like braining other girls with lacrosse sticks?
    • I swear, if she didn't give it up soon I was going to brain her with the nearest object to hand.
    • My mother had once made me take ballet lessons until I'd brained the teacher with one of my slippers.
    • When you're single it's almost preferable to be unhappy in a crowd - at home, ‘human contact’ consists of bumping into the bookcase and getting brained by a falling volume of Tolstoi.