Translation of brand new in Spanish:

brand new

nuevo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbræn(d) ˈˌn(j)u//brand ˈnjuː/


  • 1

    (car/toy) nuevo
    (car/toy) flamante
    (technology/music) totalmente nuevo
    it looks brand new está flamante / como nuevo
    • It is interesting working on something brand new and trying to establish a tone and a house style.
    • Ultimately, the only equipment a baby must have brand new is a cot mattress and a car seat.
    • They sang a variety of songs from Abba to Sondheim, from old classics to brand new numbers.
    • Industrialised farming has also thrown up brand new diseases which may threaten humans.
    • I'm glad that song came back to me, and made me laugh in the face of another brand new day.
    • The character designs are enchantingly familiar, but brand new at the same time.
    • As the stadium is brand new the facilities for the audience will be superb.
    • Her flat is brand new but small so luckily there was an extra communal room big enough to fit the thirty or so people.
    • The name of this conspiracy is brand new and I know this because I have just invented it.
    • He loved it, that smell of fresh paint and brand new equipment and furniture.
    • This will give consumers a choice between buying brand new cartridges or reusing old ones.
    • These girls are so young, so fresh and clearly brand new to what's ahead of them.
    • We will be continuing to operate from a brand new larger store opening soon in Leeds city centre.
    • Still, the blog has a brand new and much more robust commenting system which works in a very similar way.
    • In Romsey, two schools destined for the axe were rolled into one to create a brand new primary school.
    • It was like the ref had a brand new yellow card and wanted to see if it worked.
    • Each is highly entertaining and can be heard at a brand new listening point set up at the museum.
    • The blade, brand new and shining, calls with a seductive voice that I must ignore.
    • I was appalled by all the stalls that were selling brand new goods, supposedly cheap.
    • Imagine my amazement to see a new hole appear by the weekend in the brand new, resurfaced road.