Translation of bravo in Spanish:


bravo, n.

Pronunciation /brɑːˈvəʊ//ˈbrɑvoʊ//ˈbrɑːvəʊ/

nounPlural bravoes, Plural bravos

  • 1

    bravo masculine
    (as exclamation) ¡bravo!
    • Finally, as she bowed alone in front of the curtain amidst the bravos and shouts, she mouthed the words, ‘Thank you.’
    • Feet stomping, bravos, and determined clapping made it clear that nobody was willing to go home, and brought the singer back on stage for his encore.
    • Cheers, bravos and applause rang out through the large concert hall, as the performers left the stage.
    • Werther's main aria, I think, was stellar and received lots of applause and bravos.
    • Her every variation was accompanied by bravos.
    • Shafer was rightly showered with wild applause and bravos after Act I, to which she responded with faux-incredulous gestures of ‘Me?’
    • The theatre was full, and echoing to cheers, stamps and bravos.
    • Upon the last notes' reverberations being lost in the Coolidge Auditorium, the crowd broke into enthusiastic applause and bravos such as I have not witnessed in Washington before.
    • In the meantime, the miraculous score is nobly treated by Levine and a superior cast of singers, and for that alone, the Met's efforts on behalf of Berlioz deserved all the opening-night bravos.
    • The audience thanked Lorin Maazel and the orchestra for that half with enthusiastic applause, standing ovations, and bravos.
    • Only when the singer looks up again into the audience, after endless seconds of being lost in a land of musical perfection, the applause and bravos break over the two men.
    • But the new restrictions - limiting Cuban Americans' trips to Havana and restricting the gifts and cash they can send to family members - didn't win the bravos the Administration had been banking on.
    • She gets an ovation, even before the first note, in the ritual that, like the hearty applause and worshipful bravos between each song, sets her in stone as the ‘grand lady of French song.’
    • Overall, the ballet offered a deft balance of theatricality and virtuosity, resulting in two very accessible productions that had the audience on their feet yelling bravos by night's end.