Translation of breach in Spanish:


infracción, n.

Pronunciation: /britʃ//briːtʃ/


  • 1

    (in UK, of law, code)
    infracción feminine
    violación feminine
    breach of contract incumplimiento de contrato masculine
    • (in UK) breach of privilege abuso de la inmunidad parlamentaria
    • a breach of confidence / trust un abuso de confianza
    • it caused a breach of national security atentó contra / puso en peligro la seguridad nacional
    • breach of the peace alteración del orden público
    • she was arrested for breach of the peace la detuvieron por alterar el orden público
    • they are in breach of the planning laws están infringiendo / contraviniendo la ley de ordenación urbana
    • France, Germany, Italy and Spain, were interposed, walls yet without a breach, between us and the plague.
    • The deal, it was said, would enhance the fight against crime and was an important step towards healing the breach between Europe and Washington.
    • Thus the Soviets had succeeded in making deep breaches in the line on both flanks of the Sixth Army; there was a grave danger of encirclement.
    • Opposition to academies was accentuated by the widening breach between creative artists and the bourgeois public after aristocratic patronage declined.
    • The soldiers gave chase as their attack was shifted to the breach in the city wall.
    • Soon the maids were swarming around the breach in the wall as bees desperately trying to protect its beehive.
    • Edward married Godwine's daughter Edith in 1045, but this could not prevent a breach between the two men in 1049.
    • It leads to a breach between Jung and his mentor.
    • The breach between revolutionary France and the Roman Church was complete.
    • The CASEVAC used the breach made by the sappers to get the vehicles on the OBJ.
    • But once the tanks had rolled over the tents of the hunger strikers and once the bodies had been removed and the blood washed away, what was left was a breach between party and people that would never heal.
    • I should have come to your room and tried to mend the painful breach between us after all these years.
    • Everson therefore marked the first breach in the wall of separation between church and state.
    • When the group almost split over the issue of whether to focus on confrontational action or voter registration, she healed the breach by saying it should work on both.
    • The enemy succeeded in making a large breach in the outer wall and swarmed in.
    • Once the armored soldier has created a breach, the next step is to enter and clear the room/hallway.
    • And he should tell the Cuban leader that his revolution won't be won until the breach between Cuba and the USA is mended.
    • The breach between the world of the living and of the dead is held, through the dialect of memory, in tension.
    • In addition, at the core of the autobiographical process is a breach between the writing ‘I’ and the written one.
    • Bridges spanning it at ground and second floor levels lead to curving breaches in the wall.
    • This defense is most effective in combat action to close fire breaches and gaps in the battle order of troops.
    • Frankly, it would be difficult to imagine a greater breach between what residents of Toronto want for their city and the decisions that are being made about it.
    • I thought the garden was walled all round, but there is a breach in the wall at the back which a healthy animal could have hurdled.
    • That meant that a maximum of 10 per cent of stored fuel could escape in the event of a breach of a tank wall.
    • Fifty feet or less from this intersection was a line of riot cops plugging a ragged breach in the hated wall.
    • We had only opened a few breaches in its walls, without destroying it.
    • Too often American soldiers and commanders have been flung into the breach between illusion and reality.
    • But now, thanks to miracle of siege engines, instead of having to starve them out you can simply make a breach in their walls and - presto!
    • Traditionally, intervention has been defined in terms of a coercive breach of the walls of the castle of sovereignty.
    • But the application is subject to the entire curtilage of the site remaining in the ownership of the new house, with no breaches of the boundary wall.
    • The breach between the bishops and the Democrats is unlikely to heal.
    • To prevent such an assault, defenders were forced to attack the siege engines or their operators to prevent a breach in their fortifications.
    • For some time he was an admirer of Wagner, but was eventually unable to accept the Christian and nationalist elements in Wagner's outlook, and a breach between the two men took place.
    • The breach in the flood wall widened to 60 metres the next day.
    • In such panels, the breach between a strictly topographical map and a map of a socially inscribed landscape becomes clear.
    • It is this reconciliation that heals the memory and seals the breach between the past and the future.
    • Yet before the Galileo affair there had been neither a breach between religion and science nor any distinction between science and philosophy.
    • There is no indication that the breach between the two women ever healed, though Jabavu did reconcile with her husband.
    • The tanks cease-fire and we file through a breach in the outer wall.
    • But it demonstrates a decisive change of style that could help heal the growing breach between liberals and conservatives in the church.
  • 2formal

    (gap, opening)
    brecha feminine
    to open a breach abrir una brecha
    • to stand in the breach estar en la brecha / al pie del cañón
    • to step into/fill the breach llenar el hueco
  • 3formal

    ruptura feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (copyright/rule) infringir
    (copyright/rule) violar
    (security) poner en peligro
    they were charged with breaching the peace los acusaron de alterar el orden público
  • 2formal

    (wall/defenses) abrir una brecha en