Translation of bread-and-butter in Spanish:


primordial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbrɛd(ə)nˈbʌtə/


  • 1

    (issue/project) primordial
    (issue/project) que se ocupa de necesidades básicas
    this is just a bread-and-butter job hago este trabajo solo para vivir / para ganarme la vida
    • His dream remained forging art works, but this was still his bread and butter.
    • Put simply, the Wolves should rely on their bread and butter and abandon what doesn't work.
    • Of course their bread and butter depends on advertising, but that's the nature of commercial broadcasting.
    • Sporadic work, from a wide variety of sources, is their bread and butter.
    • It's bread and butter work and a host of other urgers and coat tuggers have now tuned in to the lurk.
    • The downturn is also thought to affect the fee income of barristers for whom personal injuries work is often their bread and butter.
    • But there are thousands for whom commercials, though not their sole income, are bread and butter.
    • Twenty years ago, however, the company's bread and butter work was nailing matrimonial infidels.
    • You have your bread and butter income, from doing things like setting up a teaching practice or running a covers band with a commercial edge to it.
    • Secondly, why do working women live on bread and butter while working men live on beefsteak and butter?
    • Her bread and butter work is commercial photography but artwork is her passion.
    • Amongst his academic duties, Dane intends to take up rugby, the school's main sporting bread and butter.
    • It has been unfortunate that many of the ties have fallen on dates when the club would have had home league games to provide their bread and butter income.
    • Such chips are, of course, bread and butter to Apple and essential for its on-going business strategy.