Translation of break-in in Spanish:


robo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbreɪkˌɪn//ˈbreɪkɪn/


  • 1

    (con escalamiento) robo masculine
    they had a break-in next door entraron a robar / entraron ladrones en la casa de al lado
    • Police are warning boat owners to take extra care following a recent series of break-ins and thefts from boats.
    • There have been constant break-ins at the building since Patrick bought it two years ago and now he hopes to make it secure.
    • Also stolen in the Mitchell break-in were coins, a gold bracelet and an electric shaver.
    • The most common crime is theft, especially car break-ins and automobile theft.
    • This will no doubt prompt burglars to begin break-ins by stealing the security camera.
    • Other country crime includes farm break-ins, theft from building sites and the theft of valuable horse tack from stables.
    • Business owners in Darwen have been warned to be on their guard after a spate of break-ins where burglars removed skylights and windows.
    • Christmas is also a busy time for burglars with 38,000 break-ins over the festive season in 2000.
    • Some of the 10 arrests were linked to vehicle break-ins outside Spotland.
    • There, the officer knew that there had been a break-in of a building, but nothing more.
    • Since the car guards have been introduced, the rate of car thefts and break-ins has been substantially reduced.
    • Vehicle crime, such as car break-ins and motor theft has been reduced by 47.6 per cent.
    • They say there has been a spate of break-ins to parked vehicles in their area, which takes in a wide area from Pewsey to Netheravon.
    • My old Columbia House Requiem was stolen in a break-in a long time ago, and I forgot to replace it.
    • The incidence of vehicle break-ins at parking areas is nothing new and not much worse than 10 years ago.
    • There appeared to be no sign of a break-in or burglary, and cash was found in the house and on the body.
    • The shopkeepers also say the buildings have become easier targets for break-ins and vandalism.
    • The house was unoccupied at the time of the break-in and the burglars gained entry by forcing open the front door.
    • Vehicle break-ins have been rife in the area in recent months, with thefts from cars and of the cars themselves becoming a serious problem.
    • Police are warning car owners in Trawden to be on their guard following a spate of vehicle break-ins.