Translation of breakaway in Spanish:


ruptura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbreɪkəweɪ//ˈbreɪkəˌweɪ/


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    ruptura feminine
    escisión feminine
    (faction/group) (before noun) disidente
    (faction/group) (before noun) escindido
    • Well, it took ten years for me to realize this: you can call it a reform movement but public journalism was equally a breakaway church.
    • It features caricatures of the men who launched the breakaway league in 1998.
    • The teenage years began to take on a self-defining identity like a breakaway state within society, a colony declaring its independence from the past, a banana republic that would work out its own constitution.
    • A new league could have - as there was before the breakaway from the Scottish Football League - an even split of broadcasting revenue.
    • The two breakaway parties made their separate ways northward.
    • He said that players could well band together and try to buy back the world at the company's bankruptcy hearing - and then run it themselves as a breakaway republic.
    • Was he a breakaway from a club barbeque that wasn't going to plan?
    • The statement was issued in response to a Channel Four documentary, which claimed a minister had contacted the breakaway republican group.
    • This led to an increased number of participation of players from the Soviet breakaway republics in Europe and chess was never the same.
    • Not only is the BAJ a competing union, it is also a breakaway from the NUJ, having been formed in the early 1990s.
    • But in the mud and snow of the breakaway republic's southern mountains the fighting is as bitter as ever.
    • Erin's Own was a breakaway from the existing hurling club in the town, which then disbanded.
    • The breakaway paramilitary organisation has been in decline for several months because of a shortage of expertise and resources.
    • The public bar bores have finally declared a socialist breakaway republic from the tyranny of the lounge lizards.
    • The investigation follows threats from the breakaway republican group against suspected drug dealers made in a number of phone calls to national newspapers.
    • Of course, there were objections to the amateur rule, and this caused a rift early in the sport's history, and a new breakaway sport was created in 1895, called Rugby League.
    • It urged the EU to recognize the breakaway republics.
    • The transient parties are usually formed from a breakaway from the two main parties and are a response to the policies that they might be supporting at a national level.
    • A breakaway train drivers union in the Republic of Ireland resumed unofficial strike action after the state rail company refused to negotiate with them.
    • It met with a fierce response from software libre developers, with talk of creating a breakaway organization that could set royalty-free standards.
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    escapada feminine
    • Despite some very hard attacks in the final laps of the races, and small breakaways coming from those attacks, the peloton still came into the last kilometer complete.
    • ‘I feel I've matured both physically and mentally,’ says the little breakaway, in a relaxed mood ahead of the second Sale warm-up match.
    • Prat was well up in the ensuing forward breakaway, and it was he who scored his side's second try.
    • They continued to control matters and doubled their advantage in the 67th minute, ironically on a breakaway from a promising attack led by Mark Betts.
    • On the second lap of the 11-mile circuit Watson was among a group of seven riders who engineered an early breakaway from the main field, and were never to be seen again by the main field.
    • This guy is also one of the best players on breakaways in the entire league.
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    disidente feminine
    the breakaways los escapados