Translation of breakneck in Spanish:


vertiginoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbreɪkˌnɛk//ˈbreɪknɛk/


  • 1

    at breakneck speed como alma que lleva el diablo informal
    • They turned in 90 minutes of fantastic dance, at one moment at breakneck speed, the next gentle and solemn.
    • The impression is of a town reinventing itself at breakneck speed.
    • It's both breakneck fast and much funnier than you would think.
    • But I do have nagging fears about the flood of major plans for that part of town which seem to be emerging at breakneck speed.
    • As I got closer, they left their temporary hideouts at breakneck speed, both of them diving down the same hole.
    • The players had been aware that this could pose the biggest test to the top-of-the-table status and came out of the blocks at breakneck speed.
    • His consciousness leaps backwards and forwards at breakneck speed.
    • In between, the journey is at breakneck speed on rutted roads through shanty villages or hotel-lined luxury.
    • Continuing her work at breakneck speed, the lady can put to shame any high-flying workaholic.
    • But as it sped down the highway at a breakneck speed, it advanced towards him.
    • Meanwhile, every train in every direction was cruising by at breakneck speed, which only added to the frustration.
    • The performers recount their story at breakneck speed, completely devoid of inflection or emotion.
    • When you are careering down the motorway at the breakneck speed of forty-five miles per hour, make sure you sit in the middle lane.
    • Children playing along a Swindon road feared for their lives when Hicks's car came hurtling towards them at breakneck speed.
    • In the cobbled backstreets mustachioed old men in tweed jackets and gaiters drive decorated carts at breakneck speeds.
    • Brown has created the veritable page-turner, a book that moves at a breakneck speed along the edge of a cliff.
    • Breathlessly we run faster and faster at a breakneck speed to a destination we neither know nor can ever reach.
    • Shanghai is now developing at breakneck speed into a more trendy, luxury-loving society.
    • I want an extremely clear head so that if I see the floor approaching at breakneck speed I can at least close my eyes before I hit it.
    • The fog, though, doesn't slow the vessel down, as it skims across a calm sea at breakneck speed.