Translation of breastwork in Spanish:


parapeto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɛstwərk//ˈbrɛs(t)wəːk/


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    parapeto masculine
    • It threaded through the hills which surrounded the Empire's capital like a huge, natural breastwork.
    • The bombs exploded in the air and sailed into the breastworks, throwing up great clouds of dirt.
    • A submachine-gunner delivers more accurate fire using the breastwork to steady his weapon.
    • He ordered soldiers to tear down breastworks and use the logs to feed the fires.
    • When the fighting died down, the Confederates hastily constructed breastworks to protect their gains.
    • The regiment gained the enemy's breastworks and the affair at Boykin's Mills was over.
    • There was probably a timber breastwork along the top.
    • Militiamen dug in their heels behind meager breastworks and awaited the arrival of their adversaries.
    • ‘Take it slow, guys,’ a sergeant of the Pennsylvanians called out as the troops approached the fortifications and breastworks.
    • The scouts barricaded themselves behind tree trunks and threw up breastworks of fallen trees.
    • They worked to erect small semicircular breastworks from the many rocks that dotted the terrain.
    • From this cover, they swept the flats in front of their breastworks with withering gunfire.
    • Everything the actor owned formed a crude breastwork ten yards from the chipped cinder-block front step.
    • Up ahead were gentle country hills, picket fences - and what looked like breastworks and fortifications.
    • Yet I still felt muddled, as the breastwork became more defined in the clouds of smoke from the firing of muskets.
    • Russell sent his family to safety, then made a breastwork from a pile of shingles at his front door.
    • The cavalry horses were watered at the spring, and the men settled in their breastworks.
    • Behind these natural breastworks, the company fired repeated volleys at the approaching horsemen.
    • Upon further inspection of the breastworks, I have come to the conclusion that the town was almost impregnable.