Translation of breath in Spanish:


aliento, n.

Pronunciation: /brɛθ//brɛθ/


  • 1

    (breathe, live, air exhaled or inhaled, pleasant change)
    aliento masculine
    with his dying breath con su último aliento
    • to have bad breath tener mal aliento
    • I could smell whisky on her breath el aliento le olía a whisky
    • to take a breath aspirar
    • take a deep breath and relax respire hondo y relájese
    • her breath came with difficulty respiraba con dificultad
    • just let me get my breath back déjame recobrar el aliento
    • to catch one's breath in astonishment quedarse sin respiración del asombro
    • I was so nervous it all came out in one breath estaba tan nervioso que lo dije todo de un tirón
    • I'm short of breath me falta el aire
    • he gets short of breath climbing stairs se queda sin aliento al subir escaleras
    • he arrived very out of breath llegó jadeando / sofocado / sin aliento
    • in the same / next breath a continuación
    • he ought not to be mentioned in the same breath as Poe no se lo debería poner en la misma categoría que Poe
    • I could do with a breath of fresh air no me vendría mal un poco de aire (fresco)
    • (pleasant change) to be a breath of fresh air ser (como) una bocanada de aire fresco
    • (breathe) to draw breath respirar
    • (live) the kindest woman that ever drew breath la mujer más bondadosa que jamás hollara la tierra
    • as long as I draw breath I will not forgive you no te perdonaré mientras viva
    • to draw one's first breath venir al mundo
    • to draw one's last breath exhalar el último suspiro
    • to hold one's breath (wait in suspense) contener la respiración / el aliento
    • he promised — well, don't hold your breath lo prometió — sí, pero mejor espera sentado
    • to say sth under one's breath decir algo entre dientes
    • to take sb's breath away dejar a algn sin habla
    • to waste one's breath gastar saliva (inútilmente)
    • with bated breath en vilo
    • Zander gasped for breath, his lungs burning for it, as Charlie landed another punch in his stomach.
    • Makoto stood there gasping for breath and Kathy was breathing heavily but still was more alert than him.
    • The remote fell out of my hand and breath rushed from my lungs.
    • She struggled to keep herself quiet as she took in breath after breath of air.
    • I winced as I saw his chest connect with the ground, knowing myself how it knocked the breath out of your lungs.
    • As the oxygen mask reduced her need to gasp for breath, Mary relaxed a bit and reflected on her last, turbulent hour.
    • Gasping for breath at the top, I went into the bedroom and found that my respiration rate matched that of the patient.
    • Vincent coughed, trying to catch the breath that his lungs were being denied.
    • This knocked the breath from her lungs so violently she felt as though she would pass out.
    • The crashing walls of the sea had knocked the breath from their lungs, and they struggled to reach the surface once more.
    • The measurement was taken as the best of three blows from total lung capacity with no breath hold.
    • She burst through the top of the water and gasped loudly for breath, her lungs and face stinging from the cold.
    • I fell to the hard forest floor, the impact knocking the breath from my lungs.
    • The collision easily knocked the breath out of him, so he just lied there, unmoving.
    • The force of the child's inhaled breath delivers the aerosolized powder into the lungs.
    • For when I read the first few sentences, I was sure that the breath caught in my lungs and I almost dropped it.
    • Hitting the hard ground, her breath rushed from her lungs and she was quickly surrounded by five angry faces.
    • Holding your breath after inhaling helps your heart and lungs show up more clearly on the image.
    • The sight she had just seen caused her to literally knock the breath out of her lungs.
    • When in actuality, children need all of their breath in order to simply breathe.
    • Clearly, flow limitation can occur throughout expiration or only over a portion of the expiratory breath.
    • She took a few moments to gather enough breath to get anything audible out.
    • What biomarkers of lung cancer did the electronic nose detect in breath?
    • Arms flailing, he crashed to the floor, his breath blasted from his lungs.
    • This waif-like girl was sitting upright, gasping for breath with an oxygen cannula dripping blood.
    • He gasped for one last breath of air, his eyes widening and his body shaking, then dropped still, motionless.
    • Cavity and maxillary sinus measurements were also obtained with mouth breathing and breath holding techniques.
    • I could feel the goosebumps upon my skin, the breath caught in my lungs in the presence of the devil before me.
    • The lanes are low and narrow, and not a breath of air stirs through them.
    • The sun was pouring down, with hardly a breath of wind.
    • Yes, for an afternoon or two, a breath of wind passed through the university.
    • Then, he whispered, barely like a breath of wind, the last word that he would ever say.
    • The sunshine passed away, and a breath of cold wind seemed to drift over us.
    • She hastened her steps, for the wind was a breath of chilling air and she was anxious to get home and off of her tired feet.
    • Lights danced in the city below and there wasn't a breath of wind.
    • Heather holds sandy moraines together, its pink and white bells shivering in a breath of breeze.
  • 2

    (slight breeze)
    soplo masculine
    there wasn't a breath of wind no corría ni la más leve brisa
  • 3

    a breath of suspicion una leve sospecha
    • there was a breath of spring in the air la primavera se sentía en el aire