Translation of breed in Spanish:


raza, n.

Pronunciation /brid//briːd/


  • 1

    (of animals) raza feminine
    (of plants) variedad feminine
    a new breed of athletes/managers una nueva generación de atletas/directivos
    • a new breed of warships un nuevo género de barcos de guerra
    • a dying breed una especie en vías de extinción
    • a breed apart un mundo aparte
    • These values enhance the accuracy of selection decisions by establishing the relative genetic value of a sire within a breed.
    • Once you decide which breed you'd like to raise, what kind of facilities will you need?
    • This should also be true of cattle within the same breed.
    • They went to great lengths to find the most powerful of each animal breed, and take a fang from their mouths.
    • As someone who supports rare breeds and animal welfare, I'll have to side with PETA on this one.
    • Each steer within a breed group was randomly assigned a number between one and four.
    • In the section for cattle, about 600 stud animals of 15 different breeds and 16 slaughter steers have been entered.
    • It's one way of keeping yourself up-to-date on what's happening, especially with a plant breed.
    • The origin of the Maltese as a distinct breed has never been precisely determined.
    • We talked about the breed species and of its culture.
    • The quantity and quality of fats in traditional animal breeds varies, too.
    • Furthermore, since humans have been in New Zealand, many breeds of native flora and fauna have become extinct.
    • I would point out that we have special breeds of animals that we bred for hundreds of years.
    • Regardless of what breed you choose, or where it comes from, ALL dogs need training.
    • This text would be very applicable for an introductory course in animal breeds, selection, evaluation and judging.
    • Rankings for purebred producers are useful within respective breeds.
    • Once you decide which breed you want, you will need to consider the age of the dog.
    • Most calves in Britain are cross-breds with blood from both native and continental breeds.
    • Even so, some dogs within these breeds bark more than they should, some more than others.
    • He wrestles crocodiles and captures all breeds of dangerous animals for a living.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (animals) criar
    this stable has bred many champions de esta cuadra han salido muchos campeones
    • they are breeding a new type of wheat están desarrollando el cultivo de un nuevo tipo de trigo
  • 2

    (raise, educate)
    the country breeds good athletes el país produce buenos atletas
    • I'm a Londoner born and bred nací y me crié en Londres
    • we breed them tough in these parts los hacemos machotes por aquí
  • 3

    (violence/disease/despair) engendrar
    (disease/violence/despair) generar
    success breeds success el éxito llama al éxito

intransitive verb

  • 1

  • 2

    (violence/despair) surgir
    (violence/despair) generarse