Translation of breeding ground in Spanish:

breeding ground

lugar de cría, n.



  • 1

    lugar de cría masculine
    a breeding ground for revolutionaries un semillero de revolucionarios
    • a breeding ground for opposition/violence un caldo de cultivo para la oposición/la violencia
    • Excess debris, leaves, and moisture are breeding grounds for insects.
    • Coastal wetlands are also breeding grounds for economically important fish and shellfish.
    • West Nile is a concern because the standing water can serve as a breeding ground.
    • This was the largest recorded breeding ground and nest concentrated area.
    • Even the greenest and purest, seemingly untouched fields were breeding grounds filled with fermenting disease and devastation.
    • With row after row of cacao trees vulnerable to attack, plantations provide ample breeding grounds for pathogens.
    • Zoos, by nature, are breeding grounds for high numbers of rodents.
    • Removal of trash and debris around the field helps to eliminate slug breeding grounds.
    • Consequently, attention has focused on this type of market as a breeding ground for infections that affect humans.
    • Unfortunately, summer and grills together make the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
    • Under the right conditions, wet structures and contents can be a perfect breeding ground for mold spores.
    • Watching them soar, glide, call, and even dance at their spring wetland breeding grounds has fascinated people for eons.
    • You cannot see mites, but you can either remove their favorite breeding grounds or keep these areas dry and clean.
    • The entire coastal waters of Cardigan Bay are a haven for wildlife and a perfect breeding ground for seabirds.
    • Pigs in particular create breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which carry avian pox and malaria.
    • Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
    • They'll appreciate the shallow water for breeding grounds and repay the favor by eating mosquito larvae.
    • They're also conduits of life, breeding grounds for small marine animals and feed areas for larger ones.
    • Standing water in a house can also serve as a breeding ground for insects and other animals.
    • Raw eggs contain a lot of water, making them a perfect breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria.
    • Dark, dank and musty, it was the perfect breeding ground for countless deadly germs and diseases.